Ma Pi Leng Pass

Belong to the territory of Ha Giang Province with a length of approximately 20 kilometers, Ma Pi Leng Pass, a part of the Happiness Road, links Ha Giang City and Meo Vac Town. Ma Pi Leng is not only the longest pass in Ha Giang but also the most rugged mountain pass in the mountainous region. Being in the list of the “Four Great Passes” in the Northwest mountainous area of Vietnam (the other names are Pha Din Pass, O Quy Ho Pass, and Khau Pha Pass), this is the most attractive and challenging place to conquer of many tourists once traveling to Ha Giang.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

According to the Chinese language, Ma Pi Leng pass means nasal bridge of a horse. However, in a figurative sense, this name refers to the most dangerous and craggy level that every horse may stop breathing when going through. Thousands of workers coming from different northern provinces worked hard day by day and the pass was completed after 11 months. Few of them died when carrying out the duty. To commemorate these people, a stone stele was built to record events happening during the pass ‘s construction.

The rugged terrain, the sharp and dangerous bends, the deep abyss, and the breathtaking scenery is an attractive invitation to travelers who love adventure and adrenaline travel and desire to face big challenges. It is a wonderful feeling when you set foot on top of the Ma Pi Leng Pass and have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the lovely and charming Nho Que River, adore the majestic and magnificent beauty of mountains and forests, breathe truly fresh air, and witness a lively painting with full of natural and bright colors.

View from Ma Pi Leng Pass

Besides riding the motorbike to capture nice photos whenever you want along the windy and narrow pass, you can consider riding a bike along the legendary road or trekking along the Tu San abyss alley from where you can see the full view of the green poetic Nho Que River.

You can plan a trip to Ma Pi Leng Pass any time in a year but the panorama views here are particularly lovely when the buckwheat blossom in October and November. From Hanoi, you can take a private car to Dong Van town and then choose to ride the motorbike or get on a motorbike taxi to reach the pass. The trip to Ma Pi Leng Pass can be combined with Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac, and Tuyen Quang.

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