Kenh Ga Hot Spring

About 90 kilometers from Hanoi, just less than a 2-hour drive by car, visitors can reach Kenh Ga (Chicken Canal) hot mineral spring in Kenh Ga village, Ninh Binh province. Kenh Ga has long been known as the “god water” to take care of the diseases and is recorded as one of the top five hot springs in Vietnam as stated by Vietnam center record books.

Kenh Ga

Kenh Ga is considered one of the best places in northern Vietnam to see the community life on the water. These days, more land-based houses have been built since this was mostly a floating village. Coming to Kenh Ga, visitors not only have a chance to admire the charming and natural beauty of the scenery, enchanting country but also dip in a hot mineral bath, forget about the busy life or enjoy the high-quality services such as spa pool, herbal bath, restaurant, hotel, massage, karaoke, etc. Though the floating village of Kenh Ga receives rather few visitors compared to nearby Hoa Lu, the main reason is that the village is accessible only by boat which is still known as one of the most typical countryside areas in the Red River Delta. Furthermore, you can explore Kenh Ga by biking along the dyke, walking through the village, visiting authentic Vietnamese family to get more knowledge about their daily life. Along the way, you can see children going to school, farmers working on the rice fields, villagers fishing and lovely houses hanging on cliffs by the riverside.

Kenh Ga area

The peak season in Kenh Ga is from September to April. During other months, boats are far less frequent as water levels are lower and there are fewer visitors to the area. From Hanoi, you can choose to take a private car or a train to reach the destination. Kenh Ga is located 21 kilometers from Ninh Binh off the road to Cuc Phuong National Park. The other nearby attractions that can be conveniently combined in your trip to Kenh Ga hot spring are Van Trinh cave, Van Long Nature Reserve, and Trang An.

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