Quan Lan Island

Located on the charming Bai Tu Long Bay and belonging to Van Don District (Quang Ninh Province), Quan Lan island, a fairyland considered as one of the most attractive destinations in the Halong Bay area, is famous for the untouched natural scenery and the impressive number of historical values. Furthermore, situated on an important sea route connecting other Asia countries including Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, and China; Quan Lan island has been a crowded commercial port that plays an important role in developing the region’s economy.

Quan Lan Island halong bay vietnam

Quan Lan island ‘s two sides are numerous of long white sandy beach among green forests while lots of large mountains lying to the east look like a bulwark preventing waves from the sea to defend the inhabitants living on the island. The island honorably owns 3 well-known beaches including Son Hao, Minh Chau, Quan Lan with stretching sandy shores and clear blue water. Among them, Son Hao beach with strong waves is an amazing paradise for adventure travelers, Minh Chau beach is the choice of tourists who love strolling and enjoying the sea and the incredibly stunning Quan Lan beach with calm waves is suitable for bathing. Besides the beautiful sleeping nature, another impression that you will feel when setting foot on this island is friendly local people which enable you to fully experience the memorable vacation.

Beach in Quan Lan

The peak period with perfect climate at the spectacular Quan Lan island is from April to June (summer) and from the end of September to mid-November (autumn). Planning a trip to Quan Lan, besides being immersed in the spectacular natural scenery, swimming in the charming emerald beaches, you can visit Tran Khanh Du shrine, Quan Lan Pagoda dedicated to Buddha and Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh, Quan Lan temple worshipping King Ly Anh Tong, Quan Lan Communal House; take a walk to Tan Doai Fish Market which is highly animated and interesting in the early morning and ride a bike to explore little lovely corners on the island. Moreover, you will have great opportunities to taste the delicious fresh seafood at any restaurant located at the seaside and interact with local people living here to learn more about their daily life.

Van Don is about 210 kilometers away from Hanoi, so it is easy for you to take a private car to Hon Gai or Cai Rong port and from there, board a high-speed boat to Quan Lan island. Additionally, if you want to experience a new sensation by making optional stops anywhere you want, you can rent a motorbike in Hanoi and easily follow the route leading to Ha Long to get on the boat to reach the island.

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