Thac Ba Lake

Thac Ba Lake, located in two districts of Luc Yen and Yen Bai, is one of the largest artificial lakes in Vietnam that was started building in 1962 and completed in 1970 to obstruct the Chay River to create a lake serving the first hydroelectric plant of Viet Nam. The lake has an area of more than 23 400 hectares 19 050 hectares of water surface area, 80 km length, water level ranges from 46 m to 58 m, holds 3 to 3.9 billion cubic meters of water spreading from Yen Binh to Luc Yen, 10 - 15 km wide and 50 - 60 m deep.

Thac Ba Lake

When traveling by boat to visit Thac Ba Lake, visitors will enjoy the fresh air in the middle of the vast water, shimmering the seemingly endless duplicate islands, to forget all the troubles of life. Thac Ba Lake has more than 1,300 large and small islands creating many caves and charming scenery. The lake contributes greatly to the protection and improvement of the environment, making summer temperatures drop from 1 to 2 ° C, increasing absolute humidity in the dry season by 20% and rainfall from 1,700 to 2,000 mm, creating favorable conditions for lush green flora living surrounded the lake. Limestone Mountains create a very beautiful cave system on the lake, among them Thuy Tien Cave is the most wonderful which is located in the bed of about 100 meters long rocky mountain with sparkling stalactites, creates a variety of shapes. Another is Xuan Long cave hidden in the rocky mountain which makes visitors cannot help be amazed by the strange natural stone statues once going deep into the cave.

Entrance of Thuy Tien Cave

The largest and longest mountain range of Thac Ba Lake is Cao Bien Mountain, where you can stand on the top to see the lake submerged in the mist with magical shimmering beauty. The lake area in Luc Yen district has many historical relics such as Dai Cai temple, Ma Mut cave, Sao pagoda, King Ao Den Mountain... Moreover, archaeologists have discovered traces of ancient Vietnamese in this area.

The lakeside village area still retains the wild features and cultural identity of the Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, Phu La, and Cao Lan ethnic groups... Many special festivals usually take place such as New Rice Festival of the Tay people that is held on October 9th of the lunar calendar when the weather comes to autumn, it’s time for the harvest of sticky rice, the aroma spreads throughout the village. The New Year dance ceremony of the Dao ethnic group with dances depicting the life of the community, such as transplanting rice, cultivating ... which reflects the folk style of local people in the Northwest of Vietnam.

Boat on Thac Ba Lake

It is only 180 km from Ha Noi to Thac Ba Lake within around a 4-hour drive, Thac Ba lake is a great stop for travelers that anyone who has once visited Thac Ba Yen Bai will surely be surprised and reminisce about a clear, poetic and magnificent waterfall. Recently, homestay is a popular and interesting for a shop trip of 1 or 2 days to discover Thac Ba, experience local culture and taste the delicious specialties.

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