Tay Ninh

Located in the Southwestern part of Vietnam and belonged to Tay Ninh province, the capital city Tay Ninh spreading on a total area of more than 4 thousand kilometer square is a connecting point between Saigon and Phnom Penh as well as home to the Cao Dai religion. Tay Ninh has situated just 99km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, so it soon becomes an ideal place for sightseeing and relaxing during the weekend.

Cao Dai Holy See in Tay Ninh
Cao Dai Holy see

The most famous site of Tay Ninh is the Cao Dai Great Temple worshipping a religion that originated in Vietnam with its unique architecture within the 1.2 km wide campus. The entire holy building consists of nearly 100 different large and small structures, built by reinforced concrete. The 12 gates are carved with four sacred figures (dragon, unicorn, turtle, phoenix) and lotus which are considered as the unique religious architectural works in the world. It’s considered as a monumental religious and artistic work with the mysterious appearance of the East. Experiencing many turbulent waves during over three-quarters of a century, the Cao Dai Great Temple has turned into a pilgrimage site for nearly 5 million believers around the world and a fascinating spiritual tourist attraction for many tourists. Additionally, traveling to Tay Ninh, tourists also have chances to visit other interesting sites including the spectacular Ba Den Mountain and the beautiful Dau Tieng Reservoir surrounded by Cau Sung Mountain.

People in nature - Tay Ninh
Ba Den (Black Lady) statue on top of Ba Den Mountain

Like other cities in the South of Vietnam, the weather in Tay Ninh is hot and humid for almost months of the year. The average temperature of the area is around 27 degrees Celsius and rain precipitation is 1,724 mm. The dry season lasts from December to April while the rainy season falls in the months from May to November. In general, you can plan to travel to Tay Ninh all year round due to its pleasant weather. If your trip planning covers the South of Vietnam, do not miss the chance to spend a day exploring this destination.