Chau Doc

Being the closest large town to the Vietnamese – Cambodian border, Chau Doc of An Giang Province is a beautiful city that sits at the junction of a tributary linking the Bassac and Mekong Rivers and the Bassac River itself.

This is a bustling city and a very bright mark of the deeper Mekong Delta on the way between Vietnam and Cambodia.

Apart from the Viet, the population of Chau Doc includes a large number of ethnic Kh'mer, Cham and Chinese. This makes the place typical with colors and cultural diversity.

Known for its home friendly atmosphere, Chau Doc also attracts people by its vast arrays of hues to match its ambience with green, blue, red and purple adorning many of the newer shop fronts.

Chau Doc market with plenty of local products offers a great shopping experience as well as chances for colorful photos. Deep in the market, the Quan Cong Temple with flamboyant Taoist structure is a nice visit.

Chau Doc - Vietnam

Take a boat trip around the many floating raft houses and fish farms at dawn is one of the highlight activities. Spend some time to visit one of those houses and learn how fish are grown here.

A little further takes you to the other bank where you can visit a Cham community with well-preserved traditional life style. Walk thru the village, visit to the mosque and contact with local to learn about their life.

Sam Mountain is just simply another highlight where you can have great view of surrounding area that can be very photogenic.

At the bottom of the mountain, the Ba Chua Xu temple dedicated to the ‘Lady of the Region’ is one of the biggest in term of importance to the local religious life in the Mekong Delta. Her festival is held in the spring that attracts huge numbers of visitors and prayers from all around.

Visiting Chau Doc

If you have time and not bothered by the war atrocity - not very far from Chau Doc is Ba Chuc, a historical site that commemorates the death of more than 3000 vietnamese people who massacred by Khmer Rough force in 1978.

Visit to Chau Doc can be taken as a stopover on the journey to/from Cambodia via Mekong Delta. Even not taking that way, it is worth to spend a night in Chau Doc on your deep explore to the delta from Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City.

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