Meo Vac

Located in the Dong Van karst plateau park of Ha Giang province with the main terrain of limestone mountain and the Nho Que River passing by, Meo Vac with a peaceful atmosphere is the charming highland district attracting tourists who are interested in discovering and experiencing. 17 ethnic groups are residing in the area including the King, Hmong, Tay, Dzao… and all of them have preserved their unique traditional culture which attracts an increased number of tourists traveling here every year. Traveling to Meo Vac nowadays is quite easy thanks to the newly-constructed path systems which offer amazing beauty of nature and in recent years, tourism in Meo Vac has been focused to develop more by the government.

Meo Vac

The highlight activities at Meo Vac include the ride through Ma Pi Leng Pass and the rugged rock at Tu San - the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia, trek around the rice fields; visit the lovely Na Trao and Ban Tong ethnic villages inhabited by Giay and Tay people to get an insight of local traditional cultures; explore the Sam Pun Port at the Vietnam - China border to be overwhelmed with the spectacular and glorious of nature or maybe luckily to take part in the Khau Vai Love Market which is organized on the 27th of the third lunar month annually. For tourists who wish to experience the adventurous feeling, taking a boat trip or do some hiking routes along the charming Nho Que River is a perfect choice. Do not forget to wander through traditional markets to buy your exquisite brocade & weaving and knitting products as souvenirs for your friends and try exotic local specialties such as dried beef, Au Tau porridge, food made from buckwheat flowers, or the famous “thang co” – a traditional dish of Mong people.

Travel to Meo Vac - Ha Giang

Meo Vac can be visited anytime in a year. However, the months from late October to December are especially the ideal time for fans of the flower blooming. From Hanoi, the most convenient way to reach this mountainous area is by private car which allows you to stop anytime you want along the road. Riding a motorbike to Meo Vac is a choice for adventure travelers but it is not recommended if this is your very first time in Vietnam as the bumpy and steep road in the mountain is difficult for non-usual drivers to control safety. The trip to Meo Vac can be conveniently combined with visiting Ma Pi Leng Pass, Dong Van stone plateau, Lung Cam village, Lo Lo Ethnic Village, and Quan Ba Twin Mountain.

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