Khau Vai love market

Khau Vai Love Market is a unique market that symbolizes for the diversity of ethnic culture in Viet Nam, in particular, and it is also the unique market in the world, in general. Every year, on the 26th evening and 27th morning of the third lunar month, people gather at Khau Vai Hamlet to hold Khau Vai market and to find their love or their memories of love.

Until now, when the Khau Vai market began is an open question. People just told about a legend of a love story between a H’Mong young boy and a Giay beautiful girl that was not accepted by two tribes. Then their love was prohibited. Even though they were separated but they still love each other, and they vowed to meet again once a year in Khau Vai Market. That why Khau Vai became a love market.

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Traditionally, on the day Khau Vai is held, people prepare their most beautiful dresses and come to Khau Vai love market to find their ex-lover. They also bring rattan baskets full of fruit, wine, food... to the market. As held in a hill which is a long distance from their home, many people have to walk or to ride their horses from 5 pm on the day before to arrive market on time. There will no angry or jealousy on this day but just to find their nice memories together about the love and the old relationships. This is also a place for new couples to start a new relationship. Additionally, this event has various board games, competitions, and festivities and it is an ideal place for people to entertain.

This special festival of Khau Vai market is a yearly expecting occasion of people not only in the region but also Ha Giang visitors who want to experience this one time in their life because the Khau Vai love market has become famous for visitors around the world nowadays. Being there, you will have a great chance to enjoy some spectacular traditional games and exciting activities, to see a colorful picture made by the colorful traditional customs of Tay, Nung, Dao, Giay ethnic people, to explore Meo Vac night market and taste local specialties. Besides, you can buy something as souvenirs for your friends which are sold at the market such as ethnic costumes, jewelry, and ethnic musical instruments.

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Recently, Ha Giang has been attracted many visitors for its stunning mountainous landscapes and diverse precious traditional cultural values with such famous names as Khai Vai market, Dong Van Karst Plateau, Lung Cu, Ma Pi Leng Pass,... You can visit Khau Vai market on the tours to Ha Giang or the Northwest tours and the adventure tours in our production chain. Other famous tourism sites that can be combined with your trip to Khau Vai market are Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark, Lung Cu Flag Tower, Ma Pi Leng Pass and Dong Van Old Town.


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