Lung Cu Flag Tower

Located in the northernmost point of Viet Nam to the border with China, Lung Cu Flag Tower is the symbol of Viet Nam sovereignty and is considered a sacred place for Vietnamese people. It is also a very popular place for tourists on adventure tours to the mountain northeast of Vietnam. About 30 Km North of Dong Van town of Ha Giang province, the flag tower was built on the top of  Lung Cu Peak, more than 1,400 meters above sea level. A large 54 sqm national flag is hung on top of the tower which represents the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. Lung Cu Flag Tower is considered as one of the “four great attractions” in Ha Giang Province, along with Dong Van Karst Plateau, Hmong King Palace and Ma Pi Leng Pass.

lung cu flag tower

From the parking station, after 15 minutes of light hike along the stairway, you will reach the top of the mountain from where you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the valley dotted with stunning terrace fields and charming hill tribe villages of Pa Then and Lo Lo People as well as Nho Que River running along the border of Viet Nam and China. You can also get higher further by climbing another 140 steps to get up to the top of the flag tower which is 33 meters high.

At the bottom of the Mountain, there is a museum with a great display of hill tribe culture in the area.

Lung Cu Flag Tower can be visited all year round. However, the best time to visit this place and to have a great view is during the summer and the autumn months (April to November) when the view is clear.

lung cu

Lung Cu Flag Tower is located 460 kilometers from Hanoi and it is included in our adventure tours in the North of Viet Nam. It can be also included in the Photo tours or the sightseeing tours or Northwest tours or motorbike tours. The road connecting Dong Van and Lung Cu is in good condition with beautiful scenery. Besides Lung Cu Flag Tower, the traveler can also explore famous tourist attractions such as Quan Ba Heaven Gate; Lung Cam Culture Village where you can see buckwheat flower fields, Hmong King’s palace, Dong Van Market – local market of ethnic groups in the karst plateau where you can understand more about mountainous culture, Splendid Ma Pi Leng pass, Nho Que river and so on.

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