Y Ty

Y Ty is a commune of Bat Xat district, Lao Cai Province which is nearly 80km from Lao Cai and 70 Km from Sapa, at a height of over 2 thousand meters above sea level, Y Ty is covered by the clouds almost every day, therefore, Y ty is considered as the foggy land. Perhaps that is why when coming to Y Ty, many people feel like they are entering a different world, completely separated from the noisy and busy life of the big cities.

Y Ty terrace

Y Ty has cool weather year-round especially in winter, the temperature sometimes drops below 0°C, if you are lucky, you can experience the snow falling on some coldest days in Y Ty. However, you can visit there anytime as each season of the year has its own beauty, but Y Ty is crowded at 2 seasons which is the "golden season" from late August to mid-September and the "cloud hunting season" starts from winter to spring. When the rice starts to ripen, Y Ty Lao Cai is enchanting and charming with the golden color of the rice and the aroma of new rice spreading immensely. In the non-harsh early-autumn sun, the winding road takes you to the eye – attracted golden terraced fields and floating clouds on the high mountainside add to the wonderful scenery of the enchanting ripe rice season that holds the traveler’s step. And winter is the time for visitors to hunt for the beautiful and frosty sea of clouds covering all the forests.

snow and ice in Y Ty during winter

From September to April next year is an extremely suitable time to hunt Y Ty clouds because the space is as majestic as you are standing on clouds. At this time, the temperature in Y Ty Bat Xat Lao Cai can be very cold, so you should also pay attention to prepare fully cold clothing when hunting rattan at this place. Besides, you can also explore Y Ty in the water season from May to June every year but some fields are transplanted early, some of them transplanted late, creating beautiful colors for terraced fields that stretch along the hillside, the mountain ridge looks like a unique pattern.

Coming here, visitors have a lot of experiences with the beautiful scenery of Y Ty such as watching the sunset at Choan Than geological park, hunting clouds at Ngai Thau Thuong, taking pictures of the A Lu rice fields…You should not also miss such the names of Lao Than Peak which is called the rooftop of Y Ty, The Pa valley where you can catch the whole splendid landscapes of Y Ty, Muong Hum market with the colorful traditional customs of the locals, the distinctive cultures of ethnic people and the unique specialties, Thien Sinh bridge and the border between Viet Nam and China, Den Sang - the land of the Red Dao culture, “Kho Gia Gia” – a huge unique festival of Ha Nhi people in Y Ty…

trinh tuong

Y Ty is also the living area of the Ha Nhi ethnic group where visitors can also discover the beauty of the remaining “Trinh Tuong” houses – a special kind of house made by mud in such severe weather in Y Ty and experience the unique cultures and dishes of the Ha Nhi people.

The common way to visit Y Ty is to transfer by private van or you can choose to travel to Lao Cai by train, then reach Y Ty by van or motorbike if you like an adventurous trip. Recently, Y Ty has a relatively large hostel and homestay built by local people to serve tourists although it is not yet developed like other famous destinations. Therefore, the best ideal is to combine your trip when traveling to Sapa or add it to the tailor-made tours of Northern Viet Nam of Travel Authentic Asia.  

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