Con Dao Island

Con Dao is an archipelago 97 miles off shore of Ba Ria-Vung Tau in the South of Vietnam. The former name of the Islands in the English and French are Poulo Condor. Con Dao is an administrative district of Ba Ria-Vung Tau. From Saigon – Hochiminh city, you can take direct flight to Con Dao or the alternation option is to take bus/car/speed boat to Vung Tau city (main city of Ba Ria - Vung Tau) then another boat to Con Dao. Con Dao archipelago comprises 16 islands with a total area of 76 sqkm and a population of around 6000 people.

Con Dao is located in the monsoon climate area and influenced by the ocean climate. The weather here is relatively cool, pleasant year-round. The weather divides into two seasons: Rainy season from April to lower December with the peak of rain pour during August and September.

Dry season from mid December to mid April with cool climate and the average temperature is 27degree. February is the coolest month, the average temperature is about 22 degree, while May is the hottest month with the temperatures around 34 degree Celsius.

Con Dao Islands

The main island with Con Dao town is located on a semicircular valley with an average elevation of about 3 m above sea level. The front beach of the town looks out to sea whilst the other three sides surrounded by mountains with original dense tropical forest.

The Town is home to residential area and resort for tourists.

Con Dao was notorious with the name of a prison – Con Dao prison - what was built by the French in 1862 to detain Vietnamese patriots. The prison was called “The Hell on Earth” due to its torture method and hardship applied on Communists. Here, more than 22,000 outstanding people of the country fell off for the cause of national independence and unity. The prison now is a war remnant and is one of the visiting site for tourists when they come to the Islands.

Visiting Con Dao Prison

Con Dao Prison

But above of all, Con Dao is the place of great natural beauty. Today Con Dao becomes the ideal destination for those who want to explore the wild beauty and learn the history of the country of Vietnam. Visiting Con Dao, you have chance to mingle yourself with the nature and it is a totally relaxing time. Here, you can wander to feel deeply about the past and explore the world ocean with colorful coral reefs or explore primitive forests with rich flora and fauna. It is the great way to escape the stuffy modern city life.

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