Perfume Pagoda

Located about 70 kilometers south of Hanoi, Perfume Pagoda, the complex of numerous caves and temples associated with the mountains, is one of the most important religious sites in Buddhist Vietnam. In spring, especially after the Lunar New Year, thousands of Vietnamese pilgrims coming from different regions gathering here to pray for all the health, luckiness, and prosperity for themselves and their families throughout the year.

Perfume Pagoda

Based on the lunar calendar, the Perfume Pagoda Festival lasts from the 6th day of the 1st month till the end of the 3rd month. As the pagoda itself is situated in a huge cave built into limestone cliffs and no direct roads are leading to the site, it can only be reached by boat or on foot. The most popular and most-picked route to discover Perfume Pagoda, which covers all highlights of the whole complex, is: Trinh Temple – Thien Tru Pagoda – Tien Son Cave – Giai Oan Pagoda – Tran Song Temple – Huong Tich Cave – Hinh Bong Pagoda. If you only have 1 day for this spiritual place, so this route is the best choice for you. Your visit to Perfume Pagoda is not complete without reaching Huong Tich Cave, the farthest and highest destination lying on the top of the mountain. There are 2 ways to come there including taking a 30-minute cable car or hiking. While the cable car offers a panoramic view of the whole complex and its spectacular stunning mountains, hiking steep mountain paths is an ideal way to enjoy the fresh air and get closer to the beautiful natural landscapes of Huong Son Mountain.

Visit Perfume Pagoda

Besides taking a pilgrimage to the sacred pagodas, during the festival, you can also participate in several traditional interesting games and learn more about the local customs of people living on this land. Additionally, you can witness the lovely beauty of lily flowers’ blooming on Yen stream in late fall during the gentle boat ride. If you want to have the quintessential photos, do not forget to be ready at the stream before 9 AM to capture the most beautiful scenery of the day.

The quickest, most comfortable, and convenient way to get from Hanoi to Perfume Pagoda is 1 hour driving by car. Riding the motorbike is a favorable choice for adventure travelers but make sure you have the map in hand before starting as the route is not easy to find.

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