Dong Van

Dong Van is a north border district in Ha Giang province, which is 146km from Ha Giang city. This district is known for its rough breathtaking karst landscapes and hill tribe culture diversity. There are 19 communes in the district, 9 among them have borderlines with China. Lung Cu in Dong Van is the North point of Viet Nam that is considered the rooftop of Ha Giang. Dong Van Karst Plateau is a rugged and majestic mountainous area with magnificent and impressive beauty in the north pole of Viet Nam.

Dong Van Karst Plateau is a unique limestone region of the country, containing typical marks of the development history of the earth's crust. Dong Van has up to 80% of exposure limestone, made up of very different environmental conditions and stages of development spanning hundreds of millions of years. The Dong Van Karst Plateau with the center is Dong Van Town was designated by UNESCO as one of 77 geoparks in the World.

From Ha Giang city, following along Highway 4C about 43km to Quan Ba district then continuing on this road through the craggy Can Ty pass, vast pine forests, winding and winding slopes, visitors will turn to Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Vac districts to explore the Karst plateau.

Belonged to the tropical climate together with the features of situated in the high land, Dong Van is beautiful at all times of the year, but the flower seasons are when Dong Van is much more beautiful. Spring is the season of many kinds of flowers blooming. April to May is the time of pouring water, making spectacular scenery on the rice fields terraces. Autumn is the most beautiful when the rice is ripe and the whole terraces cover with yellow color. What is more wonderful than standing on high land and enjoying the majestic stone plateau picture with terraced fields stretching out thousands of miles, splendid mountains, and rivers. And at the end of the year, Dong Van wears a new shirt of triangular flower color with a gorgeous beauty that urges the footsteps of visitors to visit the highland of the North mountain.

dong van

On the elevation of around 1400 - 1600m above sea level, Dong Van Geopark is home to 17 ethnic groups, of which the H’Mong with some sub-branches found the largest ethnic minority, account for 85 percent population of the district, remaining the ethnic of Kinh, Hoa, Lo Lo, Tai, Nung, Chinese Han, Dzao… These people of Dong Van with their unique traditions have been living on the rock from generation to generation.

One of the most charming destinations in Dong Van is Dong Van ancient town. The quaint little town of Dong Van is nestled in a valley in the heart of the rock plateau. Dong Van Old Quarter remains nearly 50 old wooden frames, mud-walled houses that line along the main street, some of which are almost 300 years old. About one kilometer long street of the old town was formed nearly a century ago, with typical architectural features of upland people with walled houses, yin, and yang tiled roofs, stone-paved floors... Highlights and the beginning of the street is an old market, built of stone roofed with yin and yang tiles.

Wandering in the Dong Van market will bring you a lot of excitement with unique products that you will hardly find anywhere else. Other interesting sites include Vuong House in Ta Phin commune near Dong Van Town.

Dong Van is also the place travelers can witness and join in some of the most colorful hill tribe markets. Highland markets such as Pho Bang, Dong Van, Lung Cu, Sa Phin…together with traditional festivals, cuisine… also contribute to making the picture of Dong Van more attractive and lively.

dong van town

Ha Giang rocky mountain plateau not only has majestic scenery that captivates people's hearts but also is a culinary paradise with strange and unique dishes. You can enjoy the tasty dishes by walking around Dong Van town to find a restaurant or small eateries with special dishes. However, to enjoy the complete dish with the Karst plateau atmosphere, you should go to the Dong Van fair to fully feel what is happening in this fresh plateau.

With breathtaking landscape, typical culture, and ethnic diversity Dong Van is becoming better and better known by tourists far and wide. This is one of the best places in Vietnam to have a real adventure experience.

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