Quan Ba

Located about 46 km north of Ha Giang Province, Quan Ba is a scenic district with stunning mountains, charming valleys, winding roads, and a unique traditional local culture. Belonging to the well-known Dong Van Plateau which is proudly on the list of the Global Geoparks Network, Quan Ba’s limestone mountainous terrain ranges at an altitude of around 1,000 meters above sea level. Although Quan Ba ‘s area is small, it is home to 16 ethnic groups including Hmong, Dao, Tay… Of which, the H’Mong is the largest ethnic minority while Bo Y is the lowest one with only nearly 900 people living in the region of Quyet Tien.

Quan Ba Twin Mountains
Quan Ba Twin Mountains

Traveling to Quan Ba, you should not miss the chance to visit one of the most famous highlights in the region - Quan Ba Heaven Gate, the first gateway to the Dong Van Plateau and is normally covered with clouds for the whole day. Climbing a few dozen steps, you will set foot on the Heaven Gate’s highest peak and be rewarded with a bird eyes’ view of spectacular Dong Van, magnificent mountains, zigzag roads in a great combination with white clouds, enormous valleys of rice terraces, tranquil Tam Son town, and charming surrounding local villages. Another highlight that you should not miss in the trip to this remote area is the Quan Ba Twin Mountains (also known as Fairy Mountains) and the bustling market in Quyet Tien commune where you will find many unique handmade products and Kho My Cave which will make you surprised by the beauty of nature. The most popular activity in Quan Ba is trekking, specifically trekking around the spectacular landscape to visit charming minority villages and have local interactions with people living here.

Quan Ba flower fields

The weather in Quan Ba is cool all year round. There are two main seasons including the dry season from November through March and the rainy season from April through October. The average rain quantity is about 1200 mm/year. If you desire to take nice photos of the beautiful fields of buckwheat, you should plan the trip to visit this region during the time from October to December.

From Hanoi, the most convenient way to reach Quan Ba is traveling by private car as you can make optional stops along the way to capture nice sceneries or taste some local food. If riding a motorbike, check it carefully before starting the journey to make sure it is in good condition for a long trip to the mountainous area and always ride with a safety helmet. The trip to Quan Ba can be combined with visiting Dong Van, Meo Vac, and Yen Minh.

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