Phu Quy Island

Phu Quy Island is a small island in Binh Thuan, also known as Cu Lao Khoai Xu or Cu Lao Thu with an area of only 16 km2, but there are many beautiful types of scenery to admire on this island. The first point, Phu Quy Island impresses visitors by a simple, quiet scene inherent to an untapped island of tourism. Therefore, this place is still the beauty of nature, not having too much impact on human hands. Phu Quy Island is beautiful all year round, each season this small island has its characteristics, bringing worth enjoying different experiences.


Phu Quy is about 120km far from Phan Thiet. From other provinces, you can easily move to Phan Thiet city by many different means such as bus, train, plane, motorbike...But from the City Center to Phu Quy, there’s only one way by train. You can catch the boat to Phu Quy easily from Phan Thiet city harbor. However, boats to the island do not run every day, so you need to check the boat schedule before traveling. Currently, there are 2 types of boats moving to Phu Quy: slow boat (6 hours) and high-speed boat (4 hours).

Typically, the ideal time to travel to Phu Quy Island is from December to June next year. At this time, the weather in Phu Quy is quite stable, the sea is smooth, the sky is clear and cool. You should avoid going from September to November because this is the rainy season of the South Central region.


The ideal time for a trip to Phu Quy Island is about 4-5 days, to be able to explore and experience all the beauty of this Island in Binh Thuan. If you do not have time, you can come here for about 3 days without visiting the surrounding small islands.

Bai Nho is one of the beautiful beaches of Phu Quy Island, with a crescent shape limited by very special rock outcrops. In addition to bathing, you can admire the scenery of the blue sea, fresh air release into nature to wash away the fatigue in life when coming here.

Trieu Duong Bay is a familiar place with many people and tourists coming to Phu Quy Island, Binh Thuan, where, there is a long, white, sandy beach with wide and fine sand offering the right setting for wonderful picnics. Tourists usually like strolling on the sand, watching the clear blue sea next to the shady poplar forest and bathing in the pure water of the sea here.

Linh Son Pagoda is one of the beautiful landscapes in Phu Quy. People on the island consider it a sacred mountain, with the majestic Guan Yin Buddha statue placed on top of the mountain. From the top of Cao Cat, you can see vast space of lovely sky and water, which is very special.


If you come to Phu Quy Island, you should experience the feeling of watching the sunrise and sunset. The breathtaking view of the horizon fascinates anyone while admiring this wonderful setting. Some places to watch the sunrise and sunset on Phu Quy Island: Linh Son pagoda peak, lighthouse, Ngu Phung embankment, Trieu Duong bay... Besides, some beaches are the best places for camping. For a more complete tour, you should hire a small boat to explore the beauty around Phu Quy. Sitting on the boat, you can still feel the blue water that can see the bottom. It’s extremely interesting, worth experiencing and exploring to create a more perfect trip.

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