Na Hang Lake

Surrounded by 99 stunning mountains and lying in the nature reserve covering a total area of 8,000ha which is the converging of two poetic rivers, Gam and Nang, Na Hang Lake is considered the small version of “Ha Long Bay” among rugged rocky land and thick forests in Tuyen Quang Province. With its primitive and magnificent untouched beauty, the lake has become a wonderful destination that attracts lots of tourists coming to visit every year.

The area around Na Hang Lake has many stunning spots such as natural strange rocky platforms, the famous charming waterfalls of Khuoi Nhi, Khuoi Sung, Pac Ban, and Phien Bung forest which acts as a natural green lung providing extremely fresh air for the region. Deep blue sky and numerous surrounding mountains cast their reflections on the emerald water surface of the lake, creating a fairy painting and peaceful atmosphere which leave a great impression on travelers.

Na Hang Lake

Planning a trip to Na Hang Lake, tourists will not only be immersed among the perfect combination of spectacular mountains, lovely river, and the romantic soft white clouds in the sky but also have lots of interesting activities to explore. Boarding a boat to do the sightseeing lasting for 4 to 5 hours on the lake, visitors can breathe the perfect fresh air, admire the astonishing beauty and relax their mind to get out of the busy daily life. Adventurous travelers can spend a day trekking to some waterfalls situated inside Na Hang Natural Reserve such as Cay Dai, Mo, and Cay Sung. Along the way, you can also take a walk through the pristine forest, step on the giant leaves carpet and watch lots of huge ancient trees. Around Na Hang Lake is also inhabited by highland ethnic groups such as Mong, Tay, Dao … and each of them has its unique customs and habits carrying distinct cultural identity. Visiting any village here, you will be fascinated by their songs and the love songs; hear the trumpet, see the unique dance; or watch the colorful costumes of the red Dao girls, the black indigo dress of the pretty Tay girls…Furthermore, there are two large-scale fish farms around Na Hang lake, where you can enjoy the famous dishes made from fish. Especially, if you come on Thursday or Sunday, you will have the opportunity to visit the highland Thuong Lam, enjoy the corn liquor Na Hang cooked with leaves yeast and hear about the legend of the land.

Boat on Na Hang Lake

Although Na Hang is a mountainous district in the northeast of Vietnam, it is still convenient to travel by private transfer from Hanoi. The other attractive sites that can be conveniently combined with the trip to Na Hang lake are Ba Be lake - the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam and Bac Me – a rural district in the east of Ha Giang which is considered as a potential factor to promote tourism in the province with the famous Cang Bac Me historical site.

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