Xuan Thuy National Park

Situated in Giao Thuy District (Nam Dinh Province), Xuan Thuy National Park, an important nature reserve and ecosystem with numerous rare species of wildlife and birds, was honorably the first wetland area of the Southeast Asia region to join the RAMSAR International Convention and granted as the core zone of the World Biosphere Reserve in the Red River Delta region in 2004.

Xuan Thuy NP

The park ‘s core area covers 7,100 ha and is the home to 120 flora species, more than 500 fauna species, and 30 species of reptiles and amphibians. Many aquatic species that bring high economic value like shrimps, fish, crabs, and oysters, are also found in the area. It is the great general home to “Ca moi co”, a fish listed in Vietnam's Red Book as vulnerable and at risk of extinction; the “Co thia” (Black-faced Spoon-Bill), eight other listed endangered species, and the largest population of spoonbill species in the country. Due to the number of bird species residing here and the great importance of its conservation, Xuan Thuy National Park has become one of the most major and important bird areas in Vietnam.

Xuan Thuy National Park

Currently, the Management Board of the National Park is trying to improve the services’ quality as well as the infrastructure to serve the increased number of tourists coming to visit the sites such as binoculars, homes of birds, boats to visit the water area, especially the impressive mangrove ecosystem...to create good conditions for local people developing long term eco-tourism services. To discover the highlights of the park, you can choose to take the boating routes or hiking routes basing on your budget of time and interest. For the boating routes, you can easily rent a boat and your next task is just sitting and relaxing while it takes you to the seaward mudflats and sandy pads where you can have the chance to see the Spoon-billed Sandpiper among the great number of waders. If capturing the relocating non-water birds is your main purpose, so an elective boat course passing by Con Xanh island is the most appropriate choice. For the ones who love hiking, you will have the chance to enjoy the beautiful route with natural landscapes along the bank of Con Ngan Island leading to the center base camp as well as some creatures such as gulls, ducks, blacked-face spoonbill…

Xuan Thuy National Park, Nam Dinh

The peak time to visit Xuan Thuy National Park is from October to April thanks to a large number of birds resettling from the north, creating a lively atmosphere. However, you can also explore this area in the other months to admire the amazing and colorful scenery that you cannot find elsewhere. Traveling to the park from Hanoi, you can take a private car with around 2.5 hours’ driving or more easily, book the tour with Travel Authentic Asia and we will organize everything for you.

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