Lang Son

Located about 170 kilometers from Hanoi, Lang Son, one of the Northeastern provinces of Vietnam, is well-known for its gorgeous mountains, charming rivers, amazing landscapes, rich history, diverse cultural sites, and an exciting shopping paradise. Due to its situation on the left bank of Ky Cung River and acting as a gateway to Cao Bang and China, different ethnic people are residing in the area including Tho, Nung. Man and Dzao…but their influence is not clearly seen in the city. Nowadays, Lang Son is considered one of the most developing mountainous provinces of Vietnam in terms of natural mineral resources, agriculture, commerce, and especially tourism.

Lang Son 1

The typical climate of Lang Son is the tropical monsoon with the annual average temperature at 21oC and the average precipitation is from 1200mm to 1600mm. You can plan to travel to Lang Son all year round. Most local festivals take place in February based on the lunar calendar such as Bac Le temple festival, Tien pagoda festival, Quynh Son festival, Tam Thanh pagoda festival… The peak time of the year is from May to August with pleasant cool weather and rice harvest season in mid-November. If you want to experience the ice and chilly cold on Mau Son mountain which happens occasionally, you should come here around late November to February.

Dong Kinh Market

Visiting Lang Son province, there are lots of interesting sites to explore. Located 30 kilometers from the city center, Mau Son, the highest peak surrounded by hundreds of lower mountains offers one of the most spectacular landscapes of Southeast Asia. However, with that height, travelers are required to be strong enough to reach it, especially in the winter when the temperature decreases sharply and sometimes the snow ice falls. The stunning Bac Son valley with the infinite paddy fields in marvelous scenery makes it becoming a heaven for great photo hunting and local homestay experience in a Tay family. One of the most incredible things about this valley is that there are various mountains with different heights from 500 meters to 1200 meters. Tam Thanh Grotto, located in the west of Ky Lua Street, is considered to be one of the most amazing grottoes in the North of Vietnam. Passing through an 8-meter-door, visitors will explore a wide range of stunning stalactites and Tam Thanh pagoda with a statue of Buddha situated inside. Visiting the pagoda on the 1st or 15th day of the first lunar month annually, visitors can join the traditional local festival with special rituals and religious customs of Lang Son’s people. Besides these famous sights, there are other interesting activities for travelers to take part in during their stay in Lang Son including doing morning exercises with locals in the Van Vi mountain area, enjoying the “Hau Dong” performance in the Mother Goddess temple in Dong Dang, wandering at the Tan Thanh border market to find out an electronic item or walking along the riverside of Ky Cung.

Lang Son 2

From Hanoi, it takes around 3 hours to get to Lang Son by private car. Along the way, tourists can enjoy the amazing view of rice paddy fields, spectacular limestone mountains and make an optional stop for visiting the Historical Vestige of Chi Lang Gate. Other destinations that can be conveniently combined in your trip to this province are Mau Son, Bac Son, Cao Bang, and Ban Gioc Waterfall (in Cao Bang Provine).

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