Bac Son Valley

Belonging to Bac Son district (Lang Son province) and about 160 km northeast of Hanoi, Bac Son Valley spreading on a total area of around 700 kilometers’ square is a famous place for its amazing mountainous landscapes. The main population of Bac Son Valley is the Tay ethnic people and its neighbor lands are Binh Gia (on the north), Van Quan (on the east), Huu Lung (on the south), and Thai Nguyen (on the west).

The factor that makes Bac Son different from other trekking destinations in the North of Vietnam is its untouched beauty of local villages, the incomparable charm of vast primitive forests, and incredibly high mountain at about 500 – 1200 meters high. Setting foot on one of the peaks here, you will be awarded a spectacular view of the breathtaking surrounding landscapes which is a great combination of the blue sky, the majestic mountain, and the lively paddy fields. Additionally, people also find the interesting thing about this area is the special method of cultivation that rice is not planted at the same time, unexpectedly creating a natural lovely painting with various bright colors.

Bac Son Valley

Coming to Bac Son Valley, adventure tourists can choose to cycle to Nong Luc temple, a well-known cultural and historical sight in the area. Before reaching the ancient banyan tree and get ready for visiting the temple, you need to pass on challenging paths through forests and hills among the mountainous area. Along the way, you can make optional stops to take photos of beautiful scenery, visit a traditional stilts house and have local interactions with people living here. Staying in Quynh Son Village is a great local experience as you can stroll around the area and explore the rich culture and customs. Also, you can try to prepare the meal with the support of the friendly villagers and visit an old factory which produces tiles in the region. Other interesting sights that you can consider to list in your plan to spend time including Na Lay Mount, Bac Son Flower Valley, Tam Canh Pass, and Dong Mo Waterfall.

a small temple in Bac Son, Lang Son, painted in red and white

The peak time of tourists in Bac Son is July and November. However, the area is green all year round creating attractive views for photo hunters. Another ideal time to visit the area is during Long Tong Festival, held by the Tay people at Quynh Son Shrine, Quynh Son Village. In the Tay language, Long Tong means ‘going to the field’ and the ceremony is celebrated annually to pray for a bumper crop. This festival falls on the 12th and 13th of Lunar January, featuring an array of sites and activities including traditional games (swinging, throwing cotton balls, playing Tien Chess, etc.) and exciting performances (Then tunes, Vi tunes, etc.).

The most convenient way to reach this valley is by taking a private car from Hanoi using Highway 3 via Thai Nguyen. A motorbike is a choice for adventurous travelers but it is quite complicated as besides good health and knowledge about the region, more importantly, you must get a Vietnam motorbike driving license.

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