Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake, the biggest natural water body on mountains located in the mountainous province of Bac Kan, little more than 200km from Hanoi capital and takes around 6 hours by car. This is one of the attractive destinations in the Northeast of Vietnam.

Ba Be – literally means three seas in Vietnamese. This name is originated from the join of three smaller lakes, including: Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng. With an area of 500ha and spreading over 8km, Ba Be is the highest and largest fresh water lake in the mountainous area of Vietnam. Surrounded by rugged limestone mountains and thick forest, Ba Be Lake is part of Ba Be National Park that is home to many species of rare birds and animals. The surface of the lake was tranquil – dotted with tropical forest covered limestone islands making boat cruise on it just like a journey thru fairy land. With these special geographical features and marvelous beauty, the lake is dubbed as a "The Jade of Vietnam".

Ba Be Lake

Coming to Ba Be Lake, you can not only visit the lake but also explore waterfalls, rivers, valleys and beautiful caves. During the boat cruise on Ba Be, visitor can also visit to some neighboring attractions such as Dau Dang waterfalls, Puong Cave, and Fairy Pond…

The Dau Dang waterfall consists of a group of rapids that stretch for nearly one kilometer that is where the water from the lake flows into lower level into Tuyen Quang Province.

Puong Cave is a huge natural tunnel that eroded by water thru millions of years making the way for the Nang River to flow down on the other way. The bed of the tunnel is a beautiful stretch of sand where you can view the impressive cave mouth on either way. Cave ceiling is nearly a hundred meters high and is home to thousands of bats. The cave interior is filled with stalactites and stalagmites in special shape that make an interesting visit.

Visiting Ba Be

Ba Be National park is established in 1992 and has an area of 100.48 square kilometers with the aim of protecting Ba Be Lake and surrounding forests and rocky mountains. The park is home to over 65 types of mammals and 330 species of butterflies, of which 22 are said to be the new ones. There are 13 villages, including 5 ethnic minorities with about 3,000 people living in Ba Be National Park. They belong to the ethnic groups such as the Tay, Nung, Dao Mong..., in which the Tay people form the majority.

If you plan a trip to Ba Be Lake, you should come from the end of March to May or from September to November. The weather in this area is often cool with 22 Celcious dgree but April to May will be the best time for you to enjoy rice fields at their best and August to October is the ideal time for you to go swimming or do kayaking on Ba Be Lake.

Ba Be Lake can be visited in a 3 days excursion from Hanoi or combined in a 5-day "Northeast Vietnam soft adventure tour" or a Vietnam mountain loop on jeep tour or motorbike tour. Apart from the lake cruise and home stay experience in local minority house, Ba Be National park and surroundings also a good place for trekking to visit minority villages and natural landscapes.

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