Kon Tum

Kon Tum province is located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam which is bordered by Laos and Cambodia. The area is known for its pristine scenery and typical local cultural values.

It is about 350 km from Nha Trang to Kon Tum and over 450 km from Da Lat to Kon Tum by road. You can also transfer from Sai Gon to Kon Tum but the most convenient way is flight. In case you would love to visit Kon Tum from Ha Noi, then flight or train is common transportation that faster than a van.

Being in the Central Highland, Kon Tum weather is hot and sunny all year round then you can visit this province anytime, just remember to bring with your sunglasses and suncream to protect your skin from the sun of the highland!


Kon Tum is home to several ethnic minorities, including the Bahnar and Jarai, Sedang, Gieh Trieng, and Renga groups. Kon Tum is also home to some of the oldest Catholic relics in Central highland. Nha Rong is a special communal house of the ethnic people in Central Highland which has the function as the place to gather all the village when there is an important occasion.

Kon Tum makes a great base for trekking to ethnic villages and canoeing along rivers and streams.

The surrounding area of Kon Tum town was the site of considerable fighting during the conflict with the Americans, and even now, decaying weapons and shells abound.

The area, so far, remains relatively untouched by tourism and you are free to visit the majority of villages without the need for a government permit.

Lies in the North of Kon Tum is Ngoc Linh Mountain range with an average height of 1000m covered by primary forest in which Ngoc Linh peak is 2,596m and is home to the most precious ginseng in the world, Ngoc Linh Ginseng.

komtum ethnic people

This province is the starting point of some big rivers like Cai river, Sesan river, and Dak B'la river. Yaly Waterfall, the largest and highest waterfall in Vietnam’s Central Highland also belongs to Kon Tum. Unfortunately, a hydropower plant just has been built here taken away much of its water and beauty.

Visiting Kon Tum is a great chance to learn about the typical culture of local ethnic minorities as well as to discover natural beauty. Places such as Ngok Linh Mountain, Chu Mon Ray Primitive Forest, Dak To Hot Spring, Kontum Former Prison, Dak Glei Prison, Ho Chi Minh Trail, Dak To, Tan Canh Battle Field should be on your visiting list when you come here.

Join with local people for an evening of traditional music, dancing, and drinking party; organize one night stay or two in the “Rong” house and step out of your comfort zone to make your holiday an authentic taste.

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