Tram Chim National park

Tram Chim National Park is one of the prominent ecotourism sites of Dong Thap –an important international Ramsar area, ranked 2,000th in the world and 4th in Vietnam. This Park attracts many tourists because of the charming natural landscape and rare red-headed crane and many species of plants and animals in the Red Book.

It is 170 km from Ho Chi Minh City to Tram Chim, Dong Thap then the most convenient way to transfer to Dong Thap is by car/van or by motorbike. Usually, tourists transfer by car, van or coach to get there when joining a Mekong Delta tour or a tour discovers South of Viet Nam.

Like other ecotourism sites in the West of Viet Nam, the best time to visit Tram Chim is during the flooding season when all the natural landscapes are in the best season. Flooding season usually starts from August to November in the lunar calendar every year, so make sure you take note to have a reasonable trip.

tram chim

If you do not visit this place during the peak tourist season, you can still choose the time around February to March of the lunar calendar because at this time, many birds from afar fly back to feed in the Tram Chim, Dong Thap so you will be able to enjoy all these species.

Coming to Tram Chim National Park, you should not miss these wonderful experience as below:

- Sightseeing by canoe at Tram Chim Dong Thap:

Sitting on the canoe, admiring the beautiful natural scenery in Tram Chim is one of the most popular activities in Tram Chim Dong Thap. Especially in the flooding season, you will be surprised at the constantly changing natural scenes, just in the green-eye cajuput forests turned to brilliant lotus pink, pure white lotus. Down the stream is a golden space with a field of royal flowers. All will make you overwhelmed by the peaceful beauty, pure but no less charming of nature here.

tram chim1

- Watching rare birds:

The beautiful scenery of Tram Chim Dong Thap is even more vivid when embellished by ten thousand white storks, also, there are countless different types of birds, especially many rare species in the red book such as the red-headed crane, and 13 other valuable birds living and dwelling here.

- Experience the ghost rice harvest in flooded areas:

Traveling to Tram Chim National Park Dong Thap, you also have the opportunity to see the typical ghost rice fields. If you come at the right time, do not miss the experience of participating in the harvest of ghost rice (also known as heaven rice) with farmers in this wetland.

- Try to be a fisherman and farmer in Dong Thap Muoi:

In Tram Chim, there are other interesting activities you can participate in such as try to be a farmer, a fisherman, join fishing, river bathing...If you want to join, you can contact receptionists or translation staff to design your tour.

Suggested tours in Tram Chim national park:

You can book a private trip from Ho Chi Minh City to visit Tram Chim National Park or connect with your trip to visit the West – discover Mekong delta. Some destinations near Tram Chim National Park such as Sa Dec flower village, Huynh Thuy Le ancient house, Lai Vung fruit garden…

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