Tam Dao

Located in the Northwest of Hanoi (about 80 km), Tam Dao with the cool climate and harmonious natural landscape is an ideal place to get out of the stressful working days and the noisy city. Tam Dao means “three islands” and it is considered a miniature of Sapa or another name “Dalat in the North” because of the quite similar mountain-based location. Located about 900 meters above sea level, Tam Dao stands out by fresh and cool air and amazing scenery with the houses and the green trees blur in the clouds. Even though this place is situated in the tropical climate, Tam Dao has a temperate fauna and flora and the weather is always cool all year round which makes Tam Dao town becomes a perfect destination for tourists to travel on the weekend.


Tam Dao is not only a relaxing retreat but also a place for many interesting outdoor activities. The road that leads from the lowland to the mystery highland is breathtaking and they are suitable for strolling and biking as well. Many young travelers often choose to trek and explore Tam Dao National Park and Rung Rinh peak (20 km from Tam Dao town) to prepare for the journey of conquering Fansipan - the highest peak in Indochina peninsula in advance. In the green chayote gardens stretching along the slopes of Tam Dao, there are also several peaceful destinations for tourists to relax including Quan Gio café which owns a stunning panoramic view of the small town and the Golden temple with hundreds of stone steps leading to the site on the mountain where you can enjoy the silent atmosphere and listen to the bell echoes. In the evening, you can visit the night market where you can find many colorful handmade clothes, scarves, handbag… made by local ethnic groups and buy meaningful gifts for your family. Additionally, you can visit the Tam Dao Bear Sanctuary - the home to more than 200 bears rescued by officials from illegal hunting which is opened 2 Saturdays per month, the Old Stone Cathedral which is located at a height of 5 meters and is accessed by two stairways at its front and its back, the Thac Bac Waterfall located in a valley next to the town’s central market and surrounded by big trees and cliffs.


Experiencing the tropical monsoon climate, the weather is cool all the seasons a year with an average temperature of approximately 20 degrees to 22 degrees and you can experience four seasons in a day. During the hottest days, the temperature only reaches 27°C which is very different from Hanoi despite the geographic distance between these 2 regions it not too far. Therefore, you can visit Tam Dao all year round but the most beautiful time is from April to October when the weather is not cold as in winter, at that time Tam Dao can be a bit colder but it’s also the time for those who want to see the white clouds covering Tam Dao.

The most convenient way to visit Tam Dao is by private car or if you love an adventure tour, you can choose to transfer to Tam Dao by motorbike to experience the zig-zag road to get on Tam Dao town from the bottom of the mountain. It’s would be an amazing experience when you reach the top then enjoy the beauty of the whole Tam Dao town. A trip for the weekend to Tam Dao will not disappoint you to find yourself relaxed and to take beautiful photos.

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