Hang Tau - A Pristine village in Moc Chau

Travelers who are passionate about discovery call Hang Tau village in Chieng Hac commune, Moc Chau district as "the original village" because there is no electricity, no internet and no phone signal. Hang Tau is really impressive with its unspoiled beauty. It is also an attractive tourist destination to explore and experience on the highland.

From Ta No 1 village to Hang Tau is about 7 km. The rough and rocky road is quite difficult to navigate and is located in a valley, nearly 20 km from the center of Moc Chau. Crossing many slopes, through corn fields, green plum fields, Hang Tau appears in the valley with a very peaceful scene.

In the middle of the valley is grassland, surrounded by green forests, orchards and green corn fields, creating a more peaceful, fresh and cool environment. The sound of forest birds chirping, the rattle of buffaloes and cows engrossed in grazing and the sound of children playing contributes to make this village look like a painting.

Hang Tau Moc Chau The Pristine Village

The natural landscape in this valley shares its own beauty each season. According to the locals, it’s at its most beautiful in spring. People will see plum blossoms blooming in the grasslands and corn fields. In late autumn, early winter, there are countless flowers blooming for you to stop and take pictures. However, people should also note that it is not advisable to go to Hang Tau in the rainy season, from July to August, because the road is slippery, muddy, and very difficult to negotiate.
In fact, Hang Tau is a farming and agricultural production area of ​​about 1 ha, with 20 H'Mong households. Due to the wild and charming scenery, the village has been known to tourists in recent years.

Additionally, the reason why the foot-crazy followers coming to Hang Tau want to stay longer and do not want to leave is to learn about and experience the culture and life of the local people. Unlike other villages, the people here are too accustomed to tourists, so they are very open, honest, spontaneous and hospitable. When coming to Hang Tau, people can encounter the local methods of farming and raising livestock. They can see children running around, playing in the grass, the mother carrying her child on her back while working in the fields and the folk games of the H'Mong people.

Hang Tau- The pristine village

Coming to this “original village,” you can also see women and children embroidering colorful brocade dresses under the shade of ancient trees. This is not only a means to generate extra income but to make their own clothing, for everyday wear. You also see many girls, even as young as 5 years old, who have been taught how to embroider by their mother or grandmother. Indeed, Hang Tau contains many interesting things.
The speciality of Hang Tau Moc Chau is the sound of poultry, cattle, birds singing and every weekend there is also the sound of children playing. That is why this place is a tourist destination that is a great journey of discovery for those who love nature, a feeling of peace and clean air, especially for backpackers. It is hoped that this village will forever retain its inherent natural beauty, that is hard to find and is not affected too much by human impact.
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