Travel Insurance for Vietnam holiday

Wherever we go, safety is always a top priority and is always something that anyone who travels should care about. International travel insurance is one of the most welcome insurance packages that Travel Authentic Asia suggests to our tourists when they join a journey with us.
When you have all the procedures to have a trip to Viet Nam or any other country abroad, never forget to buy international travel insurance. Injuries, illness, airline bankruptcy, sudden natural disasters, and volcanic crashes make your journey lose perfection. And that's what international travel insurance can do for you, at least to minimize costs or outright costs. Your benefits will be enjoyed during the process of purchasing international travel insurance as follows:
About medical expenses:
• Outpatient treatment: includes pre-medical examination, prescriptions of drugs, pre-X-rays, and diagnostic tests prescribed by the doctor.
• Medical equipment needed for the treatment of a fracture (such as bandages, splints) and aids to walk is prescribed by your doctor.
• Radiation therapy, light therapy, and other similar treatments are prescribed by the doctor.
• Dental treatment, but only to relieve acute toothache.
• Inpatient treatment in some recognized facilities as a hospital, closely monitored by doctors, with a full range of diagnostic and treatment facilities. The insured will be located at the local hospital where they are staying or at the nearest appropriate hospital.
• Costs related to surgery.
Luggage and belongings:
• The loss or loss of baggage must be reported to the local police, where the risk took place, the Carrier, or a third party within 24 hours of the occurrence of the risk.
• The Insured Person must regularly and closely monitor carry-on baggage, including the protection of personal belongings and baggage, and not place them unattended in public.
• The maximum indemnity for the section "Baggage and belongings" does not exceed the limit for each Insurance Class.
• Insurance may indemnify the Insured Person for the cost of replacing or repairing property to the Insured Person due to loss of or damage to baggage and belongings covered by this Policy, provided gender Maximum limit of liability will not exceed the amount specified in the Insurance Class
• For claims relating to broken or damaged baggage, the Policyholder must present such broken or damaged objects to Insurance as evidence of physical damage.
In addition, when purchasing international travel insurance you will receive many other benefits. And according to each different needs as well as conditions, there will be different advantages such as:
• Personal liability in case you’re sued for causing injury or damaging property.
• Cancellation and curtailment (cutting short your trip due to illness, injury, or unforeseen circumstances.).
• Personal accident.
Besides, if you are an adventurous tourist, you can cover more insurance for adventure activities like climbing, motorbiking, adventure sport…Be aware that the fee for this extra insurance can be expensive.
Please take note that your insurance is a kind of direct payment or late reimbursement. In case your insurance is reimbursed, make sure that you keep all the papers to claim your insurance whenever you are home.
Travel Authentic Asia makes sure to support you as well as we can relating to the insurance claim.

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