New Law Banning Pre-Marital Sex Won’t Affect Tourists in Bali

15 December 2022

The new law in Indonesia banning pre-marital sex won't affect tourists or visitors to the island of Bali. The law is aimed at protecting traditional Indonesian values and culture and is targeted mainly at Indonesians living in the country, not those visiting.

Foreign nationals traveling in Bali are free to engage in all forms of consensual activities, as long as the age of consent is respected. As such, pre-marital sex is still allowed for those over the legal age and within the context of a consensual relationship.

Despite the new law, sex tourism remains illegal in Indonesia, with maximum penalties for offenders including hefty fines or imprisonment, so engaging in such activity comes with the risk of criminal prosecution.

Tourists and visitors should also be aware that any kind of public display of affection, such as kissing in public, may lead to arrest or other forms of reprimand by local authorities. For this reason, it is important to respect local customs and traditions while visiting Indonesia.

The new law does not apply to foreign nationals and is not expected to have any impact on tourism in Bali. The island remains a popular destination for travelers from around the world, offering stunning natural beauty and plenty of cultural attractions.

While it's important to remember that Indonesia is a conservative country with its own unique set of laws, tourists and visitors should also be aware that the new law banning pre-marital sex won't have an effect on their holiday plans.

In summary, foreign nationals visiting Bali are free to engage in consensual activities within the confines of the law and can be assured that the new law won't affect their trip. It is still important to respect local customs and traditions, however, and to avoid engaging in any sex tourism activities, which carry severe legal penalties.