Things to do in the World’s best city

18 September 2021

America – Early September, Time Out has just announced the list of 37 best cities in the World in 2021 in which San Francisco topped the list.

This list is based on the votes of experts and people living in cities for criteria such as cuisine, culture atmosphere, green space, living standard, community projects, sustainability development, and so on.
Below are the recommendations of Insider for things to do when visiting San Francisco, the number one city on the list.

The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps

Visiting and climbing this colorfully tiled 163 steps is a kind of exciting experience that should not be missed. The work was built in 2005 by efforts of community activists, artists, and local people, all of whom wanted to make something for their own city that is now called "the stairs to the heaven", "the pearl of the city".
From the top of the steps, you will have the chance to get a rewarding view of the below city and to take commemorative, photogenic shots at one of the city’s most famous landmarks. The best time of day to visit this place is before sunset and, the place is also marvelous at night when the moonlight reflects on the brick background, creating a dreamy scene.

The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps

The colorful 16th Avenue tiled and mosaic steps - San Francisco

The City Lights bookstore

This is a gathering place for many American literary icons such as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac and is referred to as "the land of literature" by fans.
This bookstore cum publisher opened to the public in 1953, specializing in literature, art, and politics. Three years after its opening, the bookstore became famous after its publication of the poetry collection Howl and Other Poems. Since then, this place attracts book lovers from different corners of the world who come to read, admire and soak up the modern yet historic atmosphere.

The City Lights bookstore

The City Lights bookstore in San Francisco - birthplace of a literary revolution

The Alemany Farmer Market

The mild climate coupled with the local foodie spirit makes Alemany an ideal destination to shop for farm produce.
Affectionately called as “the people’s market”, this market is known for its great diversity of fresh local produce at affordable prices and bustling community atmosphere. Founded in 1943, this is the oldest farmers market in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Here you can find different kinds of typical Alemany foods as well as those that come from some other corners of the world that grown here. Visitors who love Asian food can find a variety of vegetables, such as Thai basil or Chinese jackfruit and eggplant, and so on. There are also tamales (Mexican specialties), samosas (Indian baked or fried pillow cakes) and many other foods you should try.
Enjoy the “buy fresh, buy local”, meet farmers, and learn more about local foods, local culture from this exciting and colorful atmosphere.

The Alemany Farmer Market

Buying fruits at the Alemany Farmer Market

Play swing on top of the city

Because San Francisco is a city with hilly terrain, hiking is a quite popular activity here. One of the most popular places for hiking is the Billy Goat Hill. Here on the top of the hill, at the end of the trails, you will see a swing hanging from a tree branch. Try the daring swing, flying out into the air over the panoramic view of the city is such an exciting experience and such worthy Instagram photos.

Billy Goat Hill swing

Flying out into the air with panoramic view of the town

Alcatraz tour at night

On the island of Alcatraz, there was a former federal prison which is now a national historic site and a tourist attraction, attracting a lot of tourists all year round.
A tour to Alcatraz includes a scenic ferry ride through the San Francisco Bay and a walking tour of the island. During the day, this place is usually crowded so, to avoid the crowd and to get the trip more interesting, you may choose to take the evening tour. The tour starts at sunset, allowing you to enjoy the stunning views of the city's riverbanks, the Golden Gate Bridge, etc. Walking around the island, visiting the prison at night will bring a spooky, creepy but more stimulating experience.

The Alcatraz island

Alcatraz island on the San Fransisco Bay

Explore the city like a local

Despite its many hills and slopes, the city has as much a vibrant cycling culture as any city in the US. If you want to go on the road to explore and see the city, you have many options with different routes. But if you want to go where there are dedicated bike lanes for comfortable viewing, the place you need to go is the San Francisco Bay Trail.

Cycling around San Fransisco

Cycling around San Fransisco

By Insider