Best Burma tourist places shouldn't miss

Myanmar (or Burma) is a sacred land of Buddhism with Golden temples, red-robed monks and ancient monasteries. Besides, many beautiful natural landscapes of this country are also the highlight of long-distance tourists. If you have the opportunity to come to this beautiful country, you should not miss the following best Myanmar (Burma) tourist places:

Golden Temple Swedagon (Yangon)

Best Burma tourist places-Golden Temple Swedagon

Best Burma tourist places-Golden Temple Swedagon

This is the golden symbol of Myanmar, the temple is 2500 years old, it is said that it was born before Shakyamuni Buddha died. The top of the golden tower of Swedagon is up to 98m high and many smaller towers around it store many sacred Buddhist treasures. Despite going through wars and natural disasters, Swedagon is still the most prestigious temple in the world.

Coming to Swedagon Golden Pagoda, you will admire the beauty of the golden spire. This golden tower is divided into 3 main parts: the bottom of the tower, the body of the tower and the top of the tower. The base of the tower is made of bricks, the outside is inlaid with thin gold plates. Each gold leaf about 20 x 20 cm in size is attached to the tower body by rivets. The gold inlaid around the tower are thin sheets of gold that are crafted by craftsmen using traditional techniques. The lower half of the tower is inlaid with 8,688 gold leaves and the upper half is 13,153 such slices. The top of the tower is crowned with 5,448 diamonds, 2,317 rubies, sapphires and other precious stones. There are also 1,056 golden bells with a strange sound. On the flag at the top of the tower there is a diamond weighing up to 76 carats. Therefore, whether during the day when the sun is shining brightly or when the night falls under bright lights, the entire temple campus, especially the Golden Tower, always flashes a majestic and magnificent light. However, the best time to admire the golden Shwedagon Pagoda must come at dusk, when the whole temple glows golden against the dark blue sky, reflecting the last rays of the sunset of a peaceful day.

Address: Ar Zar Ni, Road Pha Yar Gyi Ward, Yangon, Myanmar

Golden Rock (Mon State)

Best Burma tourist places-Golden Rock

Best Burma tourist places-Golden Rock

Golden Rock is 1,100 m high, 200 km from Yangon city, lying precariously on another stone through 2000 years of history. Located close to the edge of the mountain and the part in contact with the mountain is only 78 square centimeters. Legend has it that the Buddha once gave a hair to a hermit named Teikthadharma Thiriraza. This hermit takes care of the hair very carefully. Before his death, he gave this hair back to his adopted son, King Tissa, who ruled Myanmar in the 11th century with the instructions: "Store this relic in a stone shaped like a hermit's head. ". Obeying his father, King Tissa, with the help of the gods, went to the stone located on the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo to build a temple on the top to worship Buddha's relics. This king made a small hole in the stone for him to put the relics in. It is believed that, thanks to the Buddha's hair, this stone rests on a craggy position despite the harshness of nature.

To get to the Golden Rock, which is more than 700 m high, you have to travel by truck from Kyaiktiyo town and then hike in the last journey, although not far, the slope is quite steep and takes a lot of effort. force. If you are a fan of mountain climbing and travel, you will definitely pass even if you sweat to go up to the place to admire the wonderful tourist destination that nature offers as well as the beauty at the foot of the mountain. Kyaiktiyo Temple also has many Buddha statues placed all over the nooks and crannies, especially some Buddha statues inlaid with thousands of precious stones, several hundred diamonds and hundreds of golden bells. At any time of the day, the precarious stone along with the temple also has its own mysterious beauty.

Address: mon, Kyaikto, Thaton, Myanmar

Ancient capital Bagan

Best Burma tourist places-Bagan

Best Burma tourist places-Bagan

The ancient capital of Bagan is always one of the most favorite places in Myanmar because this is the land of thousands of temples, including 2000 temples and stupas, preserving the most cultural works about Buddhism. Called the ancient capital because this place used to be the flourishing capital of King Anawrahta's reign built in 1044, now on the banks of the Irrawaddy River in Central Myanmar.

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Mandalay Palace

Best Burma tourist places-Mandalay Palace

Best Burma tourist places-Mandalay Palace

Mandalay Palace is located in the city of the same name, which was the last imperial capital of Burma, so it is also known as the Royal Palace. Unlike other splendors, Mandalay Palace was built entirely of wood in the 50s of the 19th century in the traditional Burmese style. For this reason, if you pay close attention, all the towers must be in the center right and facing the East, the buildings in the Palace must have the same height, the importance of each tower must be the same. It is this "rigidity" that has brought uniqueness and majesty in Mandalay Palace and is a curious tourist destination for tourists.

This palace is the main residence of the Royal Family, the last two kings of the country, so all parts of the palace are protected in a system of walls 2km long, 8m high, 3m thick and 48 artillery launchers. Not only that, right now Outside of the palace is a large lake surrounded, it is said that this is where the king planted spikes and spikes below, in case of being attacked by the enemy. Traveling to Myanmar without visiting this Royal Palace is probably not a complete journey.

Taung kalat, Monastery

Best Burma tourist places-Taung Kalat, Monastery

Best Burma tourist places-Taung Kalat, Monastery

To Taung kalat Monastery, you have to climb all 777 stone steps to get to the front. The reason for this is because it was built on Mount Popa, a volcano 1518m above sea level and this is considered the abode of 37 legendary gods and the god Nat, the god of peace. whole of the forest. But when you reach the top of this mountain, looking down you will see the whole old city of Bagan, feeling the fresh air above will definitely make you satisfied with your efforts.

If you are a lover of Buddhism, the unique solemnity of religious buildings, then Taung Kalat Monastery is a great destination for you.

 Address: Mandalay region, Myanmar.

Ngapali Beach

Best Burma tourist places-Ngapali Beach

Best Burma tourist places-Ngapali Beach

Ngapali is one of best Burmar tourist places that attracts the most tourists. Anyone to the Bay of Bengal will fall in love with this "paradise" from the tall green coconut trees running along the pristine white sand, the seductive turquoise sea to the thatched huts along the coast. All these things have created a pristine, poetic and wild Ngapali sea.

Address: Rakhine State and along the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar

Inle Lake (Shan)

Best Burma tourist places-Inle Lake

Best Burma tourist places-Inle Lake (Shan)

Inle Lake is a freshwater lake located in the mountains, located in the center of Shan state, about 40 km south of Taung-kyi city, the capital of Shan state, and about 600 km from Yangon city. This is one of the two largest freshwater lakes in Myanmar with people mainly living on the lake.

The lake is located at an altitude of about 889 meters above sea level, surrounded and alpine with an area of ​​about 220 square kilometers. The deepest place is about 6 m and the water level changes with the seasons. Inle Lake is not only beautiful because of its charming natural beauty, but also home to the Inthar ethnic group (an ethnic minority of Myanmar). Therefore, the lake is on the list of the best Burma tourist places.

The life of the people on Inle Lake is worth it for visitors to experience. They built houses and structures on the lake. The greatest initiative of these ethnic people is the fact that they cultivate crops on the water by creating floating rafts such as dead duckweed, moss and fixed with bamboo trees. plugged into the lake. The most popular crop here is the tomato plant. If you have come to Inle Lake, you must definitely enjoy the tomato salad specialty here. In addition to farming, the Inthar people also live on fishery caught in the lake. The image of men rowing with one leg on a small canoe has really caught the attention of visitors, this is also a typical cultural feature of the lake.

Address: Shan, Myanmar

In conclusion, Burma is an incredible destination to visit with a long history of cultural and religious diversity. From the bustling cities of Mandalay and Yangon to the historic temples of Bagan and Inle Lake, there is something for everyone in this beautiful country. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, a trip to Burma will leave you with a lifetime of memories. With its friendly people, stunning landscapes, and rich culture, Burma is the perfect destination for any traveler. So take note of these best Burma tourist places for your trip!

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