What you should know before entering Myanmar

Myanmar is the second largest country in Southeast Asia. In compare with the others in the region (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos…), it takes longer travel time to visit these entire fascinated lands. This is not the country that could be seen all in a few days or entire a week, it takes time not only for transfers, but also to feel and go through the culture, the unique features and the mysterious values here. Skimming the incredible landscape is an absolute waste, so if you can, enjoy at least 2 weeks here is perfect.

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A valid at-least-six-month passport with Entry Visa is required for all visitors to enjoy a Myanmar holiday.

If you travel to multi-countries (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand…) including Myanmar, please make sure the numbers of blank pages are enough for the stamps.

And of course, your passport must be undamaged. The book cover,  the date page and the visa pages  must not be water damaged/a significant tear/unofficial markings on the data page/missing or torn out visa pages/a hole punch/or other injuries…

A new passport will need to be applied in these cases.

Visa (updated Jan 2020)

As almost Asia countries, you need a visa to visit the beautiful country Myanmar. And everything you need to know for a Myanmar visa is below.

In general, a tourist visa allows a stay of 28 days, extendable for a 14 day addition. 

(The Business visa allows a stay of 70 days, extendable case by case and may up to 12 months).

1. Visa Exemption

These below countries passport holders are given visa exemption:

-Exemption in period of 30 days: Vietnam, Singapore.  
Tourism purpose only: Hong Kong and Macao (Special Administrative region of China), Japan, South Korea.

- Exemption in period of 14 days and at gate-air only: Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, The Philippines, Thailand.

- The passport holders from the countries have visa exemption: Bangladesh, Colombia, India, Russia (90 days duration of stay); Belarus, China, Sri Lanka (30 days).

2. Visas on Arrival

The Visa on Arrival is granted on prior arrangement with the Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

- The normal passport holders that would like to visit Myanmar obtain a Visa On Arrival:

+ They are: Australia, Austria, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Switzerland.

+ At 3 International Airports: Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw and Mandaley.

+ Valid up to 30 days

+ With the fee of USD50/visa (Tourist purpose).

- There are two ways to apply Myanmar visa:

+ Applying in your own country.

+ Because of no direct flight from Western countries to Myanmar (except one from Milan to Mandalay by Neos Airlines), tourist apply the Myanmar visa at the Embassy in China and Southeast Asia. Many tourists choose applying at Thailand’s embassy in Bangkok.

- Documents needed:

+ Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

+ 2 passport-size photos, taken not older than 3 months: 4cmx6cm; taken within last 3 months; plain and white back ground; visible entire face; neutral facial expression and facing forward, no any headgear and glasses.

+ Address of where you will stay.

- The US citizens requested to provide addition: work history form, a copy of your flight itinerary or a letter from tour operator, one prepaid FedEx Return envelope and a money order for the USD20. Applicants must send all of these to the Myanmar Embassy in Washington DC.

- In case of applying Myanmar visa from Bangkok (travelers to multi-countries): they can explore Bangkok while waiting for Myanmar visa to be processed and will take flight to Yangon. This process is straightforward.

+ The time is from 0900am to 1200pm

+ Visa cost: About USD27 (810 Thai baht) for two working days for completion.

About USD34 (1035 baht) for the next day

About USD41 (1260 baht) for the same day

- The procedure:

+ Complete a Visa on Arrival Application Form-that can down load from Myanmar Embassy’s website.

+ Approach the visa counters (at the Yangon, Mandalay, or Nay Pyi Taw International Airports) and present completed application form with the required documents.

+ Pay the visa fee and wait to see if your application would be approve.
In any case that the Immigration Officers see you do not meet the conditions and decide not to approve your arrival, you will have to turn back.

In short way, just contact to your local travel agency for the fast visa and time saving.

3. E-visa

E-Visa or electronic Visa which simplifies the administrative procedure to be eligible for entering the country – has been operated to aim for tourism and business purposes since Sep 2014. It is a form of Visa application that you can make a request via the official website of Myanmar Embassy instead of going to the office.

- You can obtain online the visa via the website: https://evisa.moip.gov.mm/ and it costs 50usd. 

- The E-Visa has the maximum time duration of 90 days since the day it was issued (you got an email of approving of your application):

+ You will have the maximum consecutive stay of 28 days since the day you enter the country with Tourism purpose.
(You have continuously 70-day maximum stay since the day of entry for the Business purpose).

- The documents needed:

+ The passport is valid for over 6 months.

+ The scanned photos of your passport include the pages of your information and all Visas and stamped entries you have ever got.

+ Passport-size photos, taken not older than 3 months: 4cmx6cm; taken within last 3 months; plain and white back ground; visible entire face; neutral facial expression and facing forward, no any headgear and glasses.

+ Application form.

(The E-visa with business purpose need addition ones:

- The scanned of invitation letter from a Myanmar company

- The scanned photo of your company’s decision letter to assign you to go for business).

- To fill in the application form – the “Port of Entry” part - below is for your information before choosing and filling in:

+ Myanmar Designated International Airports:

  • Mandalay: in the middle of Myanmar.
  • Yangon: in the South
  • Nay Pyi Taw: between Mandalay and Yangon.

+ Crossing at Land Border Checkpoints:

  • Tachileik: in Shan State of Eastern Myanmar.
  • Myawaddy: in Kayin State of Southeastern Myanmar.
  • Kawthaung: in the Southernmost part of Myanmar, Tanintharyi Region.
  • Tamu: in the Sagaing Region of Northwestern Myanmar, on the border to Northeastern India.
  • Rih Khaw Dar: away from the border village of Khawmawi in Northwestern Chin State of Myanmar.

In fact, you can enter Myanmar at any designated “Port of Entry” but it is the best to choose the one you originally stated if possible to prevent any hold up in the processing of your visa upon arrival.

You can exit at any International Airports and Land Border Checkpoints since your exit point does not need to be stated up in advance.

(You can exit at the Htikee Land Border Checkpoint, although entry from here is not possible).

- After receiving the Approval visa via email, please print it out (the best with color), show it when exit your country and show it again at Immigration Office in airports when arrival to enter Myanmar.


Most travellers choose flights as the first mode of entry. Except direct flights between Milan and Mandalay operated by Neos airlines, there are no direct flights between Myanmar and Western countries, so a lot of travelers take flight with regularly scheduled services from Bangkok to Yangon.

(Considering the location of Myanmar (bordered by China to the North and Northeast; Thailand and Laos to the East; India, Bangladesh to the West) – there are multiple avenues for land entry also, even not all of them are recommended due to safety).

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