A taste of Europe in the heart of Yangon - Myanmar

Yangon possesses unique buildings with classical European style mixed with the typical architectural style of old Burma. So Yangon is a must-visit place for tourists who travel to Myanmar.

Referring to Myanmar, which is known as the land of Buddha, many tourists often think of magnificent temples and pagodas on par with Thailand. However, when walking through the inner city of Yangon, visitors will admire the unique architectural works of Myanmar under the British colonial period (1824 - 1948), blending European - Asian features full of history and charm.

Yangon, once the capital of Burma, is now the most crowded and modern city in Myanmar. Prominent in the centre of the city is Yangon City Hall. The building is considered a fine example of syncretic Burmese architecture, featuring traditional tiered roofs called pyatthat.
The decorative details of the building are traditional Burmese, such as the three-storey turret, next to the two entrances to the gate are two Nagas (snakes) from Hindu and Buddhist mythology. The town hall was designed by Burmese architect U Tin and completed in 10 years, blending European, Myanmar and Indian architecture.

Yangon, Myanamar

Located near City Hall is the Supreme Court building designed by architect James Ransome, started in 1905 and completed in 1911. The building stands out in the middle of the city with its red-bricked exterior. This is another neo-Classical, Victorian building, Queen Anne revival structure.

The highlight of the Supreme Court is the four-faced clock tower and soaring flagpole, designed on a typical white and red brick background, finished with exquisite decorative details in contrasting paint and colourful stained-glass windows.

The Supreme Court Yangon, a taste of European

Along the Maha Bandula street of Yangon, visitors will encounter another beautiful example of colonial British architecture, which is the headquarters of AYA Bank (Ayawaddy Bank) with a nostalgic yellow exterior, bearing the appearance of a 19th century European building. AYA is now a private bank of Myanmar, established in 2010 with the permission of Central Bank of Myanmar.

Ayawaddy Bank Yangon, a taste of Europe

In addition to a number of typical architectural works, Yangon city also retains many other works that blend the European and Asian designs of Britain and Myanmar, which are no longer in use or have been converted into cafes and department stores for the public here.

A characteristic of the streets of Yangon is that motorbikes are not allowed to circulate, people here mainly travel by car or public transport. Yangon attracts tourists mainly with the ancient architecture mixed between national culture and foreign culture. The imprints and lines belonging to the historical period of this Buddhist country always contain a curious attraction, attracting nostalgic footsteps to come.

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