Electricity and internet in Myanmar


Most of electricity in Myanmar is supplied by hydroelectric, with electrical outlets of 220-230 Volts.

Due to some issues of a developing country, though it has improved markedly in Yangon, electricity in Myanmar might fall short and be unstable, particularly in rural areas and in budget accommodations. In some hotels in remote areas, please be aware that they might have electricity only 12 hours a day.

While walking around the area after dusk, a flashlight is necessary or you can use the flash of your phone.

Although power-cut might happen, there is no need to worry as luxury hotels and some mid-range hotels are always equipped with generators for backing up 24 hours of electricity available. The budget hotels, rural hotels, and restaurants, food courts may have a generator that is used at selected time - usually in early evening.

Here, you can easily use the 2 types of electrical sockets: Europlug - Type C and F’ Schuko – Type E. And you are advised to bring a universal adaptor that fits a variety of socket types.

Internet and cellphone

It was not until 2000 that the Internet was appeared in Myanmar, but with high price and slow connection speed. Phone charges are also higher than other Asian countries.

These days, internet technology has been developed in this Golden Pagoda country. Facebook is now becoming popular in Myanmar even though it and other social networks have just been brought to the people of country in a few years.

In Myanmar, mobile internet is mainly focused, with reasonable price and very high speed (compared to world’s average speed). So, buying yourself a sim card with internet access at the airport is a wise choice. Please be aware that in rural, especially in remote areas, internet loss may happen.

The development of the mobile industry, social networks, tele-communication... in Myanmar is extremely impressive.

Previously, the phone prices in Myanmar were extremely high, made it only for high-income people. At that time, the number of mobile phone users in Myanmar was only higher than North Korea.

In 2012, the rate of mobile phone use in Myanmar was only 4%, but in 2016, this number soared to 63% of the population. In 2015, Myanmar registered more subscribers than any other country in the world, except China and India.

Currently, the ratio of people owning a cellphone and a subscription is over the population. The popularity of smart phones in particular has led to a wave of technology development, which, along with the government's open-door policy, have attracted many investors to Myanmar to create resonant power.

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