Food Safety & Hygiene in Myanmar

Food Safety & Hygiene in Myanmar

Cuisine is one of the most important parts of a culture. And trying the food is the best way to step in and live in that culture. Traditional cuisine is passed down from generations to generations. The food reflects unique history, lifestyle, values, and beliefs of the country and that is an expression of cultural identity. Food is a portal into culture, and it would be such a big regret if you traveled to Myanmar but didn’t enjoy the dishes here.

And surely beside good tastes, food safety is a very important point that needs being aware when you are travelling, especially to developing countries.

There are some high-risk foods you will easy meet in this destination:  

  • Street food (Fruit juice from open stalls; Un-bottled mayonnaise/chutneys/ salad sauces; Un-covered foods with visible flies/insects around…)
  • Unpeeled and unwashed fruits/ vegetable…
  • Raw, cold, uncooked meats/vegetable…
  • Unpasteurized dairy products
  • Ice in drinks
  • Tap water

But we don’t need too much worry, just pocket some below tips, then you could avoid the risks, choose the hygienic foods and fully enjoy the journey here.

- Consult your doctor for some kinds of antidiarrhea medicine that will help you cure diarrhea quickly.
- In case you don’t have medicine, you can use ginger-is considered as the oldest natural antibiotic and the best natural remedy to reduce inflammation and also relieve stomach pain. Fresh ginger, ginger tea and ginger candy are all effective and bring good result.
- Have meals in reliable restaurants, hotels or book a package tour with local travel agent to have meals in the places which are inspected carefully about the quality and hygiene by local tourism experts.
- Choose street food carefully to enjoy the attractive flavor and eye-catching food and safety with hygienic conditions. In general, not all the food would cause you trouble but the receptacle dish or bowl which may not be thoroughly washed clean.

+ Evaluate whether the food court is clean and sanitary before decide to taste the dishes.
+ You are recommended to choose the food that hot, well cooked, packed/cooked in front of you, bottled water.
+ Make sure the food you are ordering/buying is not stale.
+ Fried snipe, quails, sparrows, and chicken giblets tend to be fried over and over again.
+ Avoid fruits which are overripe.

- The last but not least, of course not only here, you should keep the hands clean in every situation. Clean hands with soap and warm water, was thoroughly and dry completely is always the best way. Or hand sanitizer bottle is fine too in case we have no water. Do not touch your eyes, mouth, nose and ears before washing hands to prevent the pathogens enter your body.

Please do not feel stress as those are just the reminder to be alert. Keep calm and step in the local life here with adventurous mind, let’s try tastes, smells, colors, shapes and in each piece of dish - that is the whole historical and cultural flavors of the country.

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