Top 4 Pristine beaches in Bengal Bay, Myanmar

Pristine beaches in the Bengal Bay are one of the main attractions of Myanmar, a country that is still relatively undiscovered by mass tourism. Myanmar has a long coastline that stretches from the Bay of Bengal to the Andaman Sea, and offers some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the region. You can enjoy the white sand, turquoise water, palm trees and tropical breeze, without the crowds and noise of other popular destinations. Whether you want to relax, swim, snorkel, surf or kayak, you will find a beach that suits your mood and budget in Myanmar. In this post, we will introduce you to some of the best beaches in the Bengal Bay, and give you some tips on how to get there, where to stay and what to do.

Myanmar tourism attracts visitors not only by the mysterious mysteries of the golden temples, traditional food and typical customs that are unique to this place but also the beauty of the beaches.

All Myanmar beach resorts are closed during the rainy season - from May to October so your best time to go to beaches is from Dec to Apr. Sea water in spring will be warm and don’t miss the splashing festival here in Apr. The clothes on Myanmar beaches are jeans and T-shirts, or shorts and even pajamas, but not bikinis. Yes, that is, you don’t mishear. Tourists may be the exception for swimming suit, but not for topless or slacks.
Myanmar also has the potential to become an attractive surfing spot. The waves are not too strong makes it suitable for beginners. For those who like big waves, the best time is early in the rainy season - May and June.

Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach, a breathtaking natural wonder located in the Ayeyarwaddy region, can be found approximately 48 km away from Pathein and approximately 190 km from Yangon on the West coast of Myanmar. Although it is a relatively new destination for tourists and is not as renowned as the famous Ngapali beach, it has its unique charm and is conveniently closer to Yangon. Additionally, it offers a diverse range of mid-range accommodation options and its level of warmth is not inferior to any other beaches in Myanmar.

Spanning an impressive 15 kilometers, Ngwe Saung beach is the longest beach in Southeast Asia, boasting a mesmerizing white sand shoreline stretching along the blue sea. The striking landscape is beautifully decorated with towering palm trees, infinite clear sea water, and the stunning nearby islands. This combination makes Ngwe Saung beach a magnet for those who have an affinity for sandy beaches. It is affectionately known as Silver Beach due to the sparkling, silver-like reflection on its white sand.

It's easy to see why Ngwe Saung beach is an irresistible attraction for beach enthusiasts. Visitors can spend a peaceful day sunbathing or indulging in water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. The serene surroundings also make it an ideal location for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. In conclusion, Ngwe Saung beach is a natural wonder that is not to be missed, a beautiful masterpiece of nature, that once visited, will leave a lasting impression in one's mind.

Ngwe Saung Beach Myanmar
Ngwe Saung Beach

Coming here, you will find out a peaceful place with pristine beaches, clear blue water in a large area and whispering waves rushing to the shore, not too noisy and not too calm.

The clean turquoise sea without any dangerous animals and gentle waves here make it the best place for swimming, surfing and enjoying sunshine.

Ngwe Saung Beach is probably the most beautiful at dawn, when the sun slowly rising above the sea shines, radiate tenderly rays of sunlight into the sea dispelling the cold air of darkness, make the whole space as rosy as poetry. Or when the sunset falls, the fiery red ball recedes towards the horizon, the surface of the sea is inlaid with brilliant gold, makes visitors cannot take their eyes off.

You can go around small fishing villages and local markets, explore the countryside by bike or enjoy a boat ride to the amazing islands. The tradition of riding a Bullock cart, horse riding, cycling or simply walking along the coast will give you exciting memories to follow for the whole lifetime. Fresh coconut, juice will make you completely relax here.

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Chuang Tha Beach

Chuang Tha, about 5 hour-drive from Yangon is a favorite destination for Yangon middle-class families. Chaung Tha has the same distance from Yangon by road as Ngwe Saung, and you can take motorbike traveling between the two beaches along a coastal track.

Chuang Tha beach myanmar
Crystal clear Chuang Tha Beach

Chuang Tha is not as exclusive as Ngapali or Ngwe Saung and the beach is very popular with locals, especially crowded on weekends and public holidays. So the best options for foreign tourists are taking the boat and explore the nearby islets (White Sand and Pho Kalar – the best place to swimming and dive); bring your own diving gear and see the brilliant tropical fish, relax at attractive (4km) Northern beaches of Chuang Tha, enjoy delicious range of fresh seafood (that is much more tasty than other beaches’) with view of the bay and immense green mountain ranges; biking around Kyaut Maung Nhama where you will find a nice coast with beautiful rocks and Kyauk Pahto - a pagoda lying on a majestic large rock.

Hpo Kala Island is only a seven minutes ride across the sea in a motorboat. It has an area of 2.5 sq miles with about 200 people mainly fishermen living there. A ten-minute walk across the 550-yard beach will bring you to

There is Aung Mingala Mya Kyunnyo Pagoda with a standing Buddha statue to visit in Hpo Kala Island. The Pagoda itself has a height of 25 feet, was built on a small hill which you will get the gorgeous views of other islands in the surrounding. The Chaung Tha's Buddha attracts visitors by its unusual design, encased by serpents on three sides.

Aung Mingala Mya Kyunnyo Pagoda
Aung Mingala Mya Kyunnyo Pagoda

Ngapali Beach

Ngapali, located in the Rakhine state of Western Myanmar, is widely considered as the most idyllic beach in the country. Stretching over the Bay of Bengal, it is situated approximately 7km away from Thadwe village and can be reached by a 45-minute flight from Yangon, which is about 400km away. Ngapali is renowned for its natural and unspoiled beauty, attracting visitors from around the world.

The beach is characterized by its striking natural scenery, with a three-kilometer-long coastline of soft, pure white sand and crystal-clear waters from the Indian Ocean. The stunning scenery is further enhanced by the surrounding canopy of coconut trees. The clean, safe seawater boasts a beautiful platinum-blue color, and is free of dangerous marine animals, industry and littering issues, making Ngapali one of the most pristine and stunning beaches in the world.

Source: Radical Living

Due to its clear and tranquil waters, the beach is extremely rich in marine resources, including shrimp, lobster, corals, marine mammals, shellfish, squid, snapper, grouper, seabass, hilsa, Japanese horse mackerel, and Spanish mackerel.

Ngapali Beach is not only a perfect place for relaxation and recreation, but it also offers visitors the opportunity to learn about local culture. Visitors can visit local markets, observe trawling, draw up nets with fisherman, or visit the Tilawkasayambhu Buddha, situated on a hilltop south of Ngapali, offering panoramic views of the bay and the sea.

In addition to the usual beach activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, visiting the small fishing village of Jate Taw and the local markets in Thandwe town, visitors can experience Ngapali in more unique ways, such as exploring the countryside by bike, taking a hot air balloon ride or sailing to and snorkeling around the nearby islands, including Pearl Island. For golf enthusiasts, there is even an 18-hole golf course available for an enjoyable round on the beach.

In summary, Ngapali Beach is a must-see destination for those seeking the ultimate tropical paradise. Its stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, rich marine life, and unique local culture make it a truly unforgettable experience.

red sunset on Ngapali Beach
Beautiful sunset on Ngapali Beach

Gwa & Kanthaya Beach

Traveling from Yangon to Gwa district is 280km of road, 50 minutes on flight and about 17km more to Kanthaya beach.

Gwa is actually a jetty area, with not-so-developed accommodations. The island has a beach but it is not directly in the town and you will have to hire a motorbike to ride for about 1 kilometer. But all of those laid-back first impressions couldn’t stop visitors coming here. The beach is pristine, calm and beautiful. Once you get there, you will find it is worth. And many visitors not only come to Gwa once.

If you are looking for a unique beach vacation, escaping from the noisy and flashy modern life, Gwa is definitely what you are looking for.

Gwa coastline myanmar
Without luxury or international standard accomodations, Gwa is still one of the most beautiful island in Myanmar

Not so far from Gwa and absolutely untouched and tranquil, Kanthaya Beach (known as the ‘Pleasant Beach') brings you get private space to escape the urban noise. There are no services for tourist such as sport games or souvenir so you can enjoy the infinite freedom here. With the shallow sea water and yellow sand you have arrived in the seemingly endless stretches of palm tree-lined sand beach here.

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