Thailand sticky rice you must try

Thailand's street foods, including Mango sticky rice, Jackfruit sticky rice, and Durian sticky rice, are widely renowned and appeal not just to the local population but also to visitors from around the world.

Khao Niaow Tu-rean ( Durian sticky rice)

Khao Niaow Tu-rean (Durian Thai sticky rice)

Khao Niaow Tu-rean (Durian Thai sticky rice)

This is a popular dish in the land of golden pagodas.  Consisting of sticky rice, coconut milk, durian and shelled green beans. Durian sticky rice is easy to make. Durian is separated then boiled with coconut milk and sugar until it forms a thick paste. After that, the cook will pour this delicious, fragrant mixture on the white sticky rice, then put shredded coconut and shelled green beans on top.

In some places, the steamed sticky rice can be put into a big piece of durian, around are scattered steamed green beans and coconut milk drizzled. For added richness, customers can add ice cream on top.

Khao Niaow Mamuang ( Mango sticky rice)

Khao  Niaow Mamuang (Mango Thai sticky rice)

Khao Niaow Mamuang (Mango Thai sticky rice)

Thailand has two famous specialties: rice and mango. These two seemingly unrelated ingredients, when combined, create a “divine” dish that any visitor will try – mango sticky rice.  

When making this dish, the chef must ensure that the sticky rice grains are flexible and white. Ripe steamed sticky rice is loosened, placed in a small plate, next to which are ripe, fragrant, juicy and sweet mango pieces. For added richness, this sticky rice dish is also served with coconut milk sprinkled on top, black or regional sesame seeds and shredded coconut.

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Khao Niao Kanun (Jackfruit sticky rice)

Khao  Niao Kanun (Jackfruit Thailand sticky rice)

Khao Niao Kanun (Jackfruit Thailand sticky rice)

No less famous than the two “brothers” above is Jackfruit sticky rice. Like other types of sticky rice Thailand served with fruit, this dish is also prepared simply. After being steamed, the sticky rice will be skillfully stuffed into sweet, golden Thai jackfruit. Then, the chef drizzles on top a little coconut milk, adding steamed green beans or sesame seeds and shredded coconut.

The above three Thai street foods are all considered Thai desserts. A topic that has been hotly discussed by people before regarding how to eat these sticky rice dishes is whether to pour coconut milk on top or not. This was a popular way to eat before, but now depending on the taste of the customer, coconut milk can be reduced, or ignored altogether. In addition to eating each of the above Thai dishes separately, at many restaurants customers will be served a mixture such as mango durian sticky rice or mango jackfruit sticky rice.

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