The Best Nightlife In Hoi An

When the sun goes down, Hoi An turns into a city in fairytales, with hundreds of lanterns, romantic Thu Bon River, a lot of lively tourist activities… You can always find an interesting corner in this city, from the exciting music-loud bars with DJs playing the catchy songs to the calm boat trip on the river, where you can float a paper lantern for a wish. Here are some activities you could try at nights in Hoi An.

Walk around Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town is so beautiful and charming at night with old yellow buildings and glittering lanterns strung above along the street. Not being bothered by any vehicles as during the daytime, it is a perfect time for you to explore all corners of the town and feel the tranquil atmosphere.

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Hoi An Ancient Town at night

Visit Hoi An Night Market

Located in An Hoi island, Hoi An Night Market selling various items such as lanterns, stoned pictures, necklaces and other handicrafts is universally appeal to people from anywhere. Coming to this place, you can soak up the magic atmosphere of Hoi An, buy some souvenirs for your families and friends as well as practice your bargaining skill to get reasonable prices.

Hoi An Vietnam, Hoi An Night Market, Hoi An city, Hoi An nightlife, Lantern

Hoi An Night Market is one of the most attractive places you must visit

Listen to music at bars and pubs

Most of the bars and pubs in Hoi An are on Le Loi and Nguyen Thai Hoc streets. You can pick any spot among them to enjoy a drink, listen to music and chill for the night.

Boating on Thu Bon River

One of the best ways to feel the tranquillity of this charming town by night is boating on Thu Bon River. With the local people living here, the gentle river and its glittering lanterns, as well as amazing reflections, is deeply connected with Hoi An residents’ life. To protect the environment and the water, the non-engine boats will take you to visit the spectacle. During the ride, you will also have the chance to hear interesting stories about daily life from the ferryman while deeply feel the simplest beauty of the area.

Hoi An Vietnam, Thu Bon River at night, Hoi An city, Hoi An old town, Hoi An nightlife

Hoi An Night Scenery from Thu Bon River

Play Bai Choi

Bai Choi, traditional folk art and game in Central Vietnam, has played an important role in Hoi An residents’ life for centuries. The art of Bai Choi is often performed in important events in Hoi An, especially in New Year. By the Hoi An, bridge, you will see a crowd playing an a-quite-like card game in bamboo huts. If you are curious about it, buy some cards to get in, and they will teach you how to play this easy game. All you need to do is concentrate on listening to the Hoi An folk songs and pay attention to the name of the card you have to play. You will get a small gift if you luckily get three! Experiencing this unique tourism product of Hoi An, you will feel pleased and fun all night out.

Attend a cooking class for dinner

There are lots of cooking class for you to consider to attend in Hoi An. Trying to cook dinner with some of Central Vietnam’s famous specialties based on friendly chef’s instructions instead of having the meal at a local restaurant is a fun and memorable activity in your trip to this beautiful town.

Release a paper lantern and make your wish

Hoi An Vietnam, Making Lanterns Hoi An, Lantern, Hoi An Ancient town, Hoi An old town

You can learn to make youself a lantern

Once a month, during the full moon, Hoi An becomes a fairyland when the lights are turned off around the town, and people only see Vietnamese silk lanterns and flickering candles. Don’t worry if you cannot plan to travel to Hoi An right on those days as you will be able to experience this activity every night of the year. By 6 PM, you will see locals starting to sell lanterns near the river. The tradition is to buy a lantern, light it up and make a wish for luck and happiness as you release it on the river.

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