Glass bridge above the sea in Chachoengsao temple

26 January 2023

Chachoengsao province has opened a sky-high glass bridge at Wat Hong Thong, creating an awe-inspiring experience for visitors. The ambitious structure looming over the sea is expected to act as a major tourist attraction in the area!

Announced on Sunday, the "sea walk" glass skywalk of a well-known temple is now officially open to tourists. This booming destination allows visitors an unprecedented chance to witness its beauty from new heights!

The grand Wat Hong Thong Temple stands tall on the coastline, its distinguished three-storey chedi building surrounded by lapping waves and peaceful chapel. It is a sight to behold for all who visit this renowned sacred site!

Glass bridge above the sea in Chachoengsao temple

Surrounded by the waters of the sea, a magnificent glass bridge now stands at Wat Hong Thong. Its purpose is to install an impressive Buddha image - with its base measuring 2.50 metres wide and 4.70 metres tall - as requested by Phra Palad Watchara Panyawachiro, abbot of the temple.

On February 15th, visitors to the temple will be able to enjoy a stunning view of the sea during their journey across its glass bridge- which is soon to be crowned with an impressive Buddha statuette! The grand unveiling marks only one among many attractions awaiting tourists on their pilgrimage.

Tourists can soon experience the beauty of a sea walk, as it will be officially opened in April. Embark on an unforgettable journey through stunning coastal views!

Spanning 40 metres and wide enough for up to 200 visitors, this awe-inspiring bridge is made of a staggering 240 pieces of glass layered in three sheets - 10mm thick each. Set your heart racing as you cross it!

The ancient temple of Ban Sala Dan, initially comprising 3.52 hectares on the coastal seashore, has become a popular destination for tourists due to its unique water-encircled chapel and chedi building – all that remains of the original 22 rai waterside plot.

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