Thailand - New Tourist Fees Starting in June

13 January 2023

Thailand welcomes international travelers with an exclusive fee of 300 baht, a unique and affordable way to explore all the country has to offer.

Tourism and Sports Minister, Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, said that the Government will start charging 300 baht for each international visitor, from the beginning of June. This amount is used to support tourists who have an accident, as well as develop and upgrade destinations to better serve them.

Thailand New Tourist Fees Starting in June

Currently, the fee proposal has been approved. However, the official collection date as well as the form of the collection have not been announced specifically. Previously, some travel companies in Thailand said that 300 baht might be included in the airfare, collected by the airline, or included in the purchase tax. "Official information will be updated by the government later," a source from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The fee collection proposal has been proposed twice by the Thai government in 2022 but has not been implemented immediately because it needs cabinet approval. The 300 baht fee does not apply to foreigners holding a work permit and a border pass.

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