Foreign visitors praise dental services in Ho Chi Minh City while explore Vietnam

28 June 2024

Foreign visitors praise dental services in Ho Chi Minh City for being excellent and affordable. Nina Ragusa, an American traveler, was "pleasantly surprised" by her dental experience in Ho Chi Minh City due to skilled dentists and costs that are 20-40 times cheaper than in the US.

Nina Ragusa, an American blogger, visited Vietnam in March and coincidentally scheduled a dental appointment while exploring Ho Chi Minh City. She described it as "beyond expectations." Nina discovered a dental clinic in District 1 through online research and positive reviews. She opted for teeth cleaning after a general check-up as advised by the dentist.

While waiting for her turn, Nina was impressed to be seated comfortably. She was surprised when offered tea and fruits, as she usually refrains from eating or drinking before dental appointments. She described the clinic ambiance as refreshing, unlike hospitals, with interior design reminiscent of a hotel lobby. Ragusa's blog about her dental experience in Ho Chi Minh City attracted 44,000 views and over 1,000 comments. Most visitors agreed with her that dental care in Ho Chi Minh City is "very affordable" and "worth experiencing." Others thanked Ragusa for sharing her experience.

Nina is not alone among tourists seeking healthcare services in Ho Chi Minh City. The health and beauty tourism packages in Ho Chi Minh City have been popular since before 2019. The main clientele includes overseas Vietnamese returning to visit and foreign tourists from various countries.

Tourists are taken to dental clinics and central hospitals specializing in dentistry. General dental check-ups are included in the package price, with additional fees for extra services. Visitors receive diagnoses and advice from dentists and can choose to undergo treatment locally or back home. 70-80% of clients choose Vietnam due to lower costs.

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After their dental visits, the tour itinerary includes visits to the Museum of Traditional Medicine and a health street in District 10, known for health check-up services. Guests enjoy a lunch of dental-friendly dishes at a health-conscious restaurant.

Despite offering all-inclusive tours, many travel companies find that groups combining health care with tourism often prefer custom-designed private tours. Each guest's health needs vary, so private tours are tailored accordingly. Those opting for private tours often choose private dental clinics over overcrowded hospital facilities to enhance their experience.

Tourists from Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia are increasingly interested in health care services while visiting Ho Chi Minh City. The percentage of returning visitors for medical services such as dental care is about 10% and is trending upwards. These groups commonly remark that dental costs in Ho Chi Minh City are generally 3-4 times cheaper than in their home countries, with highly skilled dentists.

A travel company representative in Ho Chi Minh City noted that health-related tourism, particularly dental and cosmetic services, is growing but with a shift towards direct bookings at medical facilities rather than through tour packages.

In 2023, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism relaunched its medical tourism products with three main focuses: general check-ups, specialized health examinations, and traditional medicine, alongside popular cosmetic dental services. Building on the 2018 Medical Tourism Handbook, the department updated and expanded information in multiple languages (English, Thai, Cambodian, Lao, Chinese) to facilitate research and participation in city tours and practical experiences.

According to tourism statistics, from 2018 to 2019, approximately 57,000 visitors came to Vietnam for inpatient treatment, with Ho Chi Minh City accounting for about 40% due to competitive advantages in cost, technology, and integrated tourism services. The city's medical tourism products target tourists from Southeast Asia and are expanding to attract visitors from Northeast Asia and Europe. Key highlights of these medical tourism programs include reputable hospital services combined with premium experiences in dining, shopping, and accommodation.

While Ho Chi Minh City has developed medical tourism products in collaboration with travel agencies and hospitals, creating specific tour packages remains a work in progress, according to a travel company specializing in international visitors to Ho Chi Minh City.

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