UK journalist shares amazing north-south express train experience

01 March 2023

A reporter of British online newspaper, recently published an article sharing his amazing experience on the iconic Reunification Express which connects the nation’s north with the south.

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The photo of iconic Reunification Express is captured by Andrew Eames during his journey from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City (Photo: The Independent)

In the article, Andrew Eames, the reporter of The Independent, shared several tips for anyone keen on travelling through the country by train, with this mode of transport viewed as the most sustainable and charismatic way to see the nation.

Eames mentioned that the railway trip takes 34 hours and connects various significant destinations like Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Hue. He also noted that multiple trainsets operate on the route, providing the option of traveling during the day or night.

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After booking online, the reporter boarded the SE2 train and found the carriages to be well-maintained, properly air-conditioned, and organized. He booked a hard sleeper and found it to be a comfortable berth in a six-person cabin with basic amenities like a light and a charging socket.

However, the SE2 train's only downside was that it stopped at Nha Trang beach resort at 4:15 am, which was earlier than the typical Vietnamese town wake-up time of 5 am.

The reporter's next section was an overnight trip from Nha Trang to Da Nang, which arrived relatively early. Da Nang was bustling with tourists from Asia and Europe, and its river was a sight to behold in the evening with its lantern-lit sampans.

For the next section from Da Nang to the former imperial capital of Hue, the reporter opted to travel during the day and enjoy the scenic views of sandy bays yet to be discovered by tourists.

The final section of the journey was the longest, a 14-hour overnight trip to Hanoi, during which the reporter had no trouble falling asleep. The Reunification Express doesn't travel at a fast pace to ensure a comfortable journey for passengers.

In addition to providing a comfortable journey, the Reunification Express also saved the reporter the cost of an overnight hotel stay, making it a cost-effective option for essential travel. The reporter concluded that the Reunification Express had served its purpose well without wasting any precious daylight.

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