6 Best Trekking Trails In Thailand

Thailand boasts numerous captivating trekking trails stretching from the north to the south, offering breathtaking panoramic vistas. To assist you in organizing your upcoming escapade in Thailand, we suggest perusing this list of the top six trekking trails renowned for their incredible views. Prepare to conquer the mountaintops!

Trekking experience in Thailand

From Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son

Time for this trek: 8 days

From Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son, the road is only about 236km, known as the most beautiful route in northern Thailand. Traversing this route, visitors can admire the wild and majestic forests of the northern region of Thailand. Visitors will start the trekking trail in Chiang Mai and spend about 6-8 hours a day hiking mountains and forests.

While trekking, you will visit Huay Hee village - the village of long neck women - to learn about their culture and daily life. You will then continue on and spend the night at Ban Huai Tong Kaw, where you will relax and be entertained by the unique performances of local artists.

Source: The608nomads Youtube Channel

From Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai

Time for this trek: 10 days.

The best time to experience this place is from October to May.

An ideal way for visitors to learn about the culture in northern Thailand with many interesting homestay experiences. Visitors will depart from Baan Tha Sob Van in Chiang Kham district and end at Chiang Mai. During this journey, you will have a day to experience the life of the local people before leaving for Ban Dok Bua. From here, visitors will continue trekking from Doi Luang National Park to Ban Maena - home to the Lahu ethnic minority community in Chiang Dao. Here, visitors will stay in simple houses and learn about the lives of the people before the end of the journey to Chiang Mai.

Trekking in Thailand From Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai

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Sri Phang Nga National Park, Khao Lak

Time for this trek: 3-4 hours

Trekking does not mean suffering from camping outdoors, but if you desire you can still enjoy the relaxation in luxurious resorts like The Sarojin, located in the national park on Khao Lak Island. Journeying on this trekking road, visitors will have to cross 8km of wild terrain at Sri Phang Nga National Park - one of Thailand's largest national parks. You will be walking through the forest and wading across streams while having an experience that could not be more wonderful.

Khao Pom, Koh Samui

Time for this trek: 4-5 hours

Joining us on this road, you will immerse yourself in nature while trekking under lush green forests and you’ll be rewarded at the end with the breathtaking scenery of Koh Samui and the Gulf of Thailand, a view which very few visitors to Koh Samui get to see.

Trekking acvitities in Thailand

The rainforest in Kanchanaburi

Time for this trek: 2 days

The long neck tribe is one of the famous tribes of Thailand. When participating in this trekking tour, visitors will experience daily life in a Karen village in Nong Bang while joining in preparing dinner, enjoying traditional dances and sleeping in local stilt houses.

The next days in the journey, you will continue visiting the famous Death Railway. This is a 415 km long railway connecting Bangkok, Thailand and Yangon, Myanmar which was built during World War II. About 90,000 Asian labourers and 16,000 British and Allied POWs died during of the construction of this railway. The film “Bridge On the River Kwai” tells the story.

Pang Mapha, Northern Thailand

Time for this trek: 5 days

Experience the authentic village life of Northern Thailand with a unique trek that offers homestays in various Lahu tribe villages. Immerse yourself in the culture of the locals as you take part in their daily activities like farming, cooking, and traditional massage. Discover the beauty of the lush green forests and panoramic views of the mountains as you trek through the trails.

The tour also includes a visit to Ban Muang Pam, where you can learn traditional medicine from the long-neck Karen people. Witness the fascinating techniques they use and how their age-old remedies are still practiced today. You will leave with a newfound appreciation for the rich culture of the hill tribes.

End your trek with a bamboo raft ride through the Tham Lod Cave, the oldest cave in Thailand. Marvel at the stunning stalactite columns that stretch up to 62 meters, and enjoy the tranquility of the underground river that flows through the cave. This trek promises to be an unforgettable adventure that showcases the best of Northern Thailand.

tham lod cave thailand
Tham Lod Cave

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