Jet propulsion flight from Hanoi to Ca Mau

07 April 2023

Starting from April 29th, 2023, the travel time from Hanoi to Ca Mau will be shortened from 5-6 hours to just 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Ca Mau is a province located in the southernmost part of Vietnam, with its terrain mainly composed of the Mekong Delta and wetlands, and three sides adjacent to the sea: the East Sea to the east, the Gulf of Thailand to the west and south, and bordered by Bac Lieu and Kien Giang to the north. Ca Mau is not only famous for its beautiful nature but also for its unique culture, history, and people.

In addition to being famous for its natural heritage sites such as the Tra Su Cajuput Forest, the Mui Ca Mau National Park, and the Mangrove Ecotourism Zone of Hon Khoai Island, Ca Mau is also a place that produces and exports many types of seafood products such as shrimp, fish, oysters, and clams. Moreover, Ca Mau has many historical and cultural heritage sites and architectural monuments such as the Dam Doi Mother Temple, Phu Hung Parish Church, Cai Tac Fishing Village Historical Site, and Ca Mau Night Market. Therefore, Ca Mau is an exciting destination that you should not miss.

Jet propulsion flight from Hanoi to Ca Mau

With a geographical distance of up to 1900km, traveling from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, to Ca Mau, the southernmost province of the country, was quite difficult. But now, this journey only takes 2 hours and 10 minutes. Starting from April 29th, 2023, Bamboo Airways will officially operate direct flights from Hanoi to Ca Mau and vice versa with 3 round trips every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The departure time is at 7:05 am from Hanoi and 9:55 am from Ca Mau, with a flight time of about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Using the Embraer E190 jet propulsion plane, each flight has 90 economy seats and 8 business-class seats. Passengers are allowed 20kg of checked baggage and 7kg of carry-on baggage. According to a representative from Bamboo Airways, ticket prices may vary depending on the time of the year.

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