Vietnam - weather & travel conditions in February


Weather in February gives you good conditions to travel in Vietnam. The weather in the North will remain anywhere from cool to cold with the average temperature around 17 °C and rainfall is at its lowest, but a misty haze or drizzle is not unusual, especially in coastal areas. In the far north mountainous areas, the weather in February is dry but a little cold and sometimes foggy.

In Central Vietnam, February is the starting point of the dry season, with a pleasantly warm temperature. Hue is covered by a warm and dry atmosphere, while beaches in Hoi An and Danang are likely to be bathed in the sunshine with just a light sprinkling of rain sometimes and the average temperature is around 25°C. Nha Trang and its beaches enjoy the blue sky and higher temperatures, whilst the climate of Dalat and the Central Highlands is cooler thanks to the altitude and is ideal for trekking and adventure activities. The South Vietnam including Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne, Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc offer good weather throughout February. The average temperature is around 27 °C, with blue sky, full of sunshine and little to no rain. If you are beach lover then Mui Ne or Phu Quoc will be good choices.

Vietnam is welcome Tet Holiday

Visit Vietnam in February, you can feel the vibe of Tet Holiday is coming

Average Temperature & Precipitation in Vietnam in February


Average Temperature in ºC(ºF)

Average Precipitation in mm (inch)

Dien Bien Phu

18.0 (64.4)

31 (1.2)

Sa Pa

10.3 (50.5)

81 (3.2)

Yen Bai

16.8 (62.2)

45 (1.8)

Cao Bang

15.1 (59.2)

25 (0.98)

Ha Long Bay

16.6 (61.9)

25 (0.98)

Ha Giang

16.9 (62.4)

42 (1.7)


17.2 (63.0)

19 (0.75)


17.9 (64.2)

42 (1.7)


20.7 (69.3)

65 (2.6)

Quang Ngai

22.4 (72.3)

41 (1.6)

Da Lat

16.9 (62.4)

21 (0.83)

Central Highland

22.4 (72.3)

5 (0.20)


20.5 (68.9)

6 (0.24)

Ho Chi Minh City

26.8 (80.2)

4 (0.16)

Vung Tau

25.4 (77.7)

0 (0)

Can Tho

25.9 (78.6)

2 (0.079)

Phu Quoc Island

26.5 (79.7)

29 (1.1)

February average Temperature and Precipitation in various locations in Vietnam


Lunar New Year festival (Tet)
firework to welcome Tet holiday, red, yellow, green, purpleThis is the most important and popular holiday and festival in Vietnam. It is the Vietnamese New Year marking the arrival of spring based on the lunar calendar. The whole Tet will last for around 10 days from 23rd of the 12th lunar month with the first ceremony taken to send of the God of Kitchen to the Heaven until at least the third day of the first lunar month. There are lots of customs practiced during Tet including ancestral worshipping, visiting relatives and temples, enjoying festive activities, parties and relax. Read more Tet in Vietnam.

Giong Festival
Giong Festival is a traditional festival which is celebrated annually in many parts of Hanoi to honour the mythical hero, "Saint Giong," who is credited with defending the country against foreign enemies. The largest among these festivals is organized in Soc Son a suburban district of Hanoi. The festival was listed on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Huong (perfume) Pagoda festival
Opens up from 6th of the first lunar month and lasts until the end of the third lunar month, this is one of the largest and most popular festivals in the North of Vietnam after the Tet. Millions of pilgrims from different corners of the country gather here to worship Buddha and pray for a happy, prosperous year. Coming here during this time, you will have chances to enjoy the exciting atmosphere of a spring festival amidst beautiful landscape.

How to do and what to expect if travel to Vietnam in February

It is a great time to discover Vietnam.

If you are a classic style traveler then it is totally easy to draft your itinerary since all the main highlights are in good condition to travel.

Trekking in the mountainous areas such as Sapa, Ha Giang and so on is quite good since the weather is dry. Anyway, your view could be affected by fog and haze sometimes.

If you love sun, sea and sand then head south where all the beaches offer excellent condition.

Traveling to Vietnam in February you will have a chance to witness and join in with locals the most exciting time of the year. Few days before the Tet, the scene is so lovely with colors and busy atmosphere of buying, selling and preparation for Tet. During and right after the Tet, the whole country is so excited with festive activities that organized everywhere as part of the celebration.

Do not miss an opportunity if you are invited to join one of the family’s meals during this holiday.

Expect some tourist sites, shops and markets as well as all government offices to be closed during the actual date of Tet ( at least 4 days). Also, most restaurants (not all, especially those for tourists) will be closed during the peak of Tet for around 4 or 5 days. Thus Tet may not be the best time for culinary tour fans but there will be donzens of activities for you to enjoy, especially when you have already well planned for food.

Calculate well the timetable to avoid being stuck with transport. International flights to the country should be booked well in advance since lots of oversea Vietnamese will take flight home this time to join with their family for the Tet.

The week before Tet sees millions of Vietnamese travel from the South (where most of industrial zones gather) to the North for family reunion whilst it happens the same after Tet but from the North to the South when people back to work.

So, if you plan to travel in Vietnam before Tet, choose to start your itinerary from the North then head South to avoid the crowd and do it the opposite way if you plan to travel here after the Tet.

The price for most of services will be increase a little during this time, and some can be up to 30 or 40%.

Travel conditions for places

 Ba Be Lake
 Bac Ha
 Bach Ma NP
 Ban Gioc Waterfall
 Buon Ma Thuot
 Can tho
 Cao Bang
 Cat Ba Island
 Chau Doc
 Con Dao Island
 Cu Chi Tunnel
 Da Lat
 Da Nang
 Dien Bien Phu
 Dong Van
 Former DMZ
 Ha Giang
 Ha Long Bay
 Ho Chi Minh City
 Hoa Lu ancient capital
 Hoang Su Phi
 Hoi An
 Lai Chau
 Lang son
 Mai Chau
 Mu Cang Chai
 Mui Ne
 My Son Holyland
 My Tho
 Nha Trang
 Ninh Binh
 Phong Nha Ke Bang NP
 Phu Quoc Island
 Pu Luong
 Quy Nhon
 Son La
 Tam Coc
 Vung Tau

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