Vietnam - weather & travel conditions in July

Vietnam Weather in July

July is a hot month of the year in Vietnam with both temperature and humidity is high. It is also the raining season in the North and South of Vietnam and the beginning of typhoon season with storms occasionally hit the coast of the country and cause rain for a few days at affected place. Anyway, most of the time is dry with sunlight and since Vietnam is a long country so you can always find some places to see even there is a typhoon.

The North of Vietnam is in middle of summer. Precipitation is higher than previous month but it does not mean you can see rain everyday. Rains just come may be once or twice a week for a short time, normally one or two hours then stop.  Hanoi, Ninh Binh and surroundings are expected to be hot whilst Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island are more pleasant thanks to the ocean breeze.

The far north mountainous area such as Sa Pa and Ha Giang is cooler thanks to its high elevation but the wet might make trekking difficult. The same thing happens in the area of Da Lat and Central Highland.

Central Vietnam including Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Quy Nhon and Nha Trang is still in the dry season with temperatures remain high at the average of 33ºC. All beaches offer excellent condition with plenty of sunshine and blue skies expected throughout the month.

The South of Vietnam is in the middle of the wet season with downpours happen almost every day or two for short time in the afternoon. Anyway, the rest of the day time is expected to be dry and bright. Average temperature this time stay between 31 - 32ºC

July Average Temperature and Precipitation in various locations in Vietnam


Average Temperature in °C (°F)

Temperature Precipitation in mm (in)

Buon Ma Thuot

24.2 (75.6)

255 (10.0)

Can Tho

26.7 (80.1)

228 (9.0)

Cao Bang

27.0 (80.6)

272 (10.7)

Da Lat

18.6 (65.5)

236 (9.3)

Dien Bien Phu

25.8 (78.4)

310 (12)

Ha Giang

27.6 (81.7)

520 (20)

Ha Long Bay

28.6 (83.5)

327 (12.9)


29.2 (84.6)

253 (10.0)

Hoi An

29.6 (82.5)

121 (4.8)

Ho Chi Minh City

27.5 (81.5)

307 (12.1)


29.5 (85.1)

92 (3.6)

Phu Quoc

27.5 (81.5)

418 (16.5)


22.3 (72.1)

390 (15)

Quang Ngai

28.9 (84.0)

92 (3.6)

Qui Nhon

29.9 (85.8)

38 (1.5)

Sa Pa

19.9 (67.8)

465 (18.3)


29.7 (85.5)

118 (4.6)

Yen Bai

28.1 (82.6)

310 (12)

July Average Temperature and Precipitation in various locations in Vietnam

How to do and what to expect if travel to Vietnam in July

If you plan to travel to Vietnam in July then remember that the hot weather is the fact you should consider. Anyway, that is not a big thing to worry about if you know how to plan your itinerary properly. Some people might say that summer months including July are the best time to visit Vietnam since it is sunny and clear.

It is the best way to take an easy classic style for your vacation. Visiting to most of places is possible but avoid burdening yourself with to much activities. Beach relaxing, comfort resort and cruises should be good choices.

When you travel in the hot weather, just dress light, loose fitting and drink enough water. Sun hat or an umbrella will help to protect you from the sun and sunglasses and sun cream are necessary to avoid any bad effect of the tropical sunlight.

Although there may be short downpours in the south and north, many people see no rain at all.

This time is really good to enjoy beaches along the country at their best condition. Long biking or outdoor adventures (except in water and the sea) are not recommended but walking and easy style travel is more than appropriate.

Due to the wet, trekking in mountainous is sometime rather difficult and unadvisable. This time is the low season for foreign tourist so you most likely to have better prices for some services such as restaurant, bar and accommodation in most of cities.

Travel conditions for places

 Ba Be Lake
 Bac Ha
 Bach Ma NP
 Ban Gioc Waterfall
 Buon Ma Thuot
 Can tho
 Cao Bang
 Cat Ba Island
 Chau Doc
 Con Dao Island
 Cu Chi Tunnel
 Da Lat
 Da Nang
 Dien Bien Phu
 Dong Van
 Former DMZ
 Ha Giang
 Ha Long Bay
 Ho Chi Minh City
 Hoa Lu ancient capital
 Hoang Su Phi
 Hoi An
 Lai Chau
 Lang son
 Mai Chau
 Mu Cang Chai
 Mui Ne
 My Lai
 My Son Holyland
 My Tho
 Nha Trang
 Ninh Binh
 Phong Nha Ke Bang NP
 Phu Quoc Island
 Pu Luong
 Quy Nhon
 Son La
 Tam Coc
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