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Asia is the largest continent and the Third largest land of the World that stretches from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea to the Western Pacific Ocean. This continent includes many large islands, high mountains, fertile valleys, long rivers and vast plateaus. They bring to this land a wide-range climate, from polar in the Siberian Arctic to the tropical in equatorial Indonesia, especially in Southeast Asia – almost weather patterns depend on the annual monsoons, which bring here rain and sun, make agriculture and human civilization developed. With Travel Authentic Asia to explore best month to visit Myanmar!

Weather is one of the main factors for the best trip, such as the one to Myanmar – the country seems to have more extreme weather but straightforward than other countries in the Southeast Asia area.

In general, you can visit all the main attractions of Myanmar (Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake) in all year round.

For more details, the monsoonal climate is divided into three main seasons. The southwest monsoon brings this “Golden Land” the rains frequently from the end of May to October every year. This time, the beach is often closed due to bad weather condition. In the worse cases, the rainy season brings the land floods, tropical storms or landslides that make roads impassable.

The time of post-monsoon from October to March is the most pleasant time to visit most of Myanmar with the warm and dry wind. This time is also the bustling period for tourism.

And from March to May, the land becomes hot with humidity makes travel quite uncomfortable, especially to tourists from Western with a cold atmosphere all the year. This time is the hottest and driest of the year here. The hottest month here is Apr with a temperature of about 35oC, sometime 40oC. But if you like sunshine, tan skin, tropical fruits and don’t mind detoxifying your body by sweat, this time is good because of the relaxing spaces with very reasonable cost to discover. You should prepare a long-sleeve jacket for the second half of the afternoon when the weather tends to be cold. And you can also find colder spaces in the highland areas.

We hope some tips about best month to visit Myanmar below may help you with the plan of coming to this amazing country.


Yangon is in the Southwest of the country, but the weather seems the same as the whole country. So in general, you can visit Yangon at all year round.

- January, July, August and September are suitable months for you to visit Yangon – the former capital of Myanmar – with pleasant weather here.
- May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep and Oct are rainy months here. Aug is the wettest one, and it seems that we should avoid this month.
- Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr and Dec is dry time, including Feb is the driest one.


Mandalay locates in the centre of the country, makes the average temperature is lower than other areas, about 27oC in average only.

- Jan, Nov, and Dec are the perfect time to visit Mandalay - the second-largest city in Myanmar. These months have nice weather, not intensely hot and not intensely rain, will make you pleasant. Jan is the coldest month.
- May, Jun, Aug, Sep and Oct is the rainy season.
- Apr is the hottest month while Mar is the driest one.


Bagan climate is related to seasons changing in a year, so it’s easily predictable.

- May, Jun, Jul, Aug and Sep have most rain, but it is like the downpour clean up all the dust, beat the heat and play sending tourists hastily running for cover.
- In Mar, Apr, May, the temperature and humidity are high, especial in the afternoon, causes you easy to be dehydrated, so please remember to drink enough water for the tour.
- The most comfortable time to visit Bagan - an ancient city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Myanmar is Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb. The Northeast monsoon brings comfortable dry days with little/no cloud and little/no rain. The humidity is lower than other months that let you enjoy the tour, although the dust may stir up when the wind blows.

Inle Lake

The lake is in the East of the country. It is more affected by dry weather and wet summer climate than other destinations. It brings the area medium warm and dry. You can visit the lake all year round as its pleasant weather.

- Mar, Apr and May are the hottest months, while the temperature is about 35oC.
- Aug, Nov and Jan are the colder months, and the coldest one is Dec. In Dec, Jan and Feb, the weather becomes colder at nights.

In conclusion, the best month to visit Myanmar is between November and February. During this period, temperatures are moderate and there is minimal rainfall. This makes it an ideal time for sightseeing or exploring the country’s many attractions. Additionally, these months are considered peak season and have more amenities available; making travel easier and more convenient.

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