Inaugurating the highest glass bridge in Vietnam

03 August 2021

Lai Chau is the natural spot for an overnight for those travelling to or from Sapa to the east. More specifically, Sapa is the best-known tourist area in the mountainous North of Vietnam with topography of hills, green forests, diversified ethnic culture and local authentic food.

Sapa is 400km northwest of Hanoi, the capital city. Sapa lines on the middle height of Hoang Lien Mountain range in the shadow of Fansipan, 3143 meters, the highest peak in the country. It was originally a summer resort for French military and administrative officers when they were in Vietnam. At the moment, there are mainly 5 ethnic groups in Sapa district: Hmong, Dzao, Tay, Dzay and a small number of Xa Pho. Approximately 7,000 live in town and the others being scattered in small communes throughout the district.

Glass bottom bridge extends out from the cliff at an altitude of 300m, providing panoramic views of O Quy Ho pass and Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

Rong May glass bridge went into operation on November 16, 2019. Located in the Heaven Gate area of O Quy Ho pass and about 20 km from Sapa town, there are two main items in the construction: an outdoor elevator and a glass bridge.

Lying on the glass bridge, among the high mountains

Panoramic view of the outdoor elevator and glass bridge built on the cliff. Photo: Khac Kien.

After buying tickets, visitors will go to the mountain and move up by the elevator to the glass bridge located 300 m above the ground. Glass bridge was built far 60 m from cliffs and glass corridors for visitors to stand for sightseeing, take pictures and experience the thrilling feel.

The work is fastened to the sandstone cliffs of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, located at an altitude of 2,000 m above sea level. According to the investor, the whole project can withstand the weight of 3,000 people at the same time. However, to ensure safety, maximum 500 guests are allowed to go on the grass bridge at the same time. It costs VND 400,000 per adult and VND 200,000 per child to buy the tickets for elevator and the grass bridge visit.

This is the second glass bridge in Vietnam,the first one is the bridge in Dai Yem waterfall (Moc Chau) with an altitude of 22m.

Horizontal panorama view on Sapa glass bridge

Glass bridge protrudes from the cliff 60m with small corridors on both sides for visitors to take pictures. Photo: Khac Kien.

Rong May resort is invested by an enterprise in Lai Chau province with the total capital up to 1,000 billion VND, comprising of hotel, bungalow, glass bridge, swimming pool, thrilling amusement park... The elevator and glass bridge are in the 1st phase of this project, expected to attract up to 50,000 visitors per year. This destination connects Sapa with Lai Chau landmarks such as Tac Tinh waterfall, Putaleng peak, and Tien Son cave.

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