Ong Cop - the longest wooden bridge in Vietnam

03 August 2021

Ong Cop bridge is located in Phu Yen - the land of “yellow flowers on green grass” in Vietnam, which is attractive with beautiful beaches, and other spectacular landscapes such as Ghenh Da Dia, O Loan lake, Mang Lang church…

Coming to Phu Yen, you should not forget to explore Ong Cop bridge about 800m in length and 1.5m in width. This is the longest wooden bridge in Vietnam that visitors cannot miss when visiting Phu Yen.

Ong Cop bridge in Phu Yen province

Ong Cop bridge in Phu Yen province - Photo: Internet

There are many wooden bridges across the river in Vietnam, but Mieu Ong Cop bridge (or Ong Cop bridge, Binh Thanh bridge) is the most famous, which is across Phu Ngan River, connecting the villages in the north of An Ninh Tay commune, Tuy An district with Xuan Dai ward, Song Cau town (Phu Yen province).

The longest wooden bridge in the world

It is made totally by wooden - Photo: Internet

From 1A Highway, visitors turn toward the sea about over 100m to come Ong Cop Bridge. From a distance, the bridge looks small in the middle of the immense water. Every day, there are hundreds of visitors going on the bridge.

Ong Cop Bridge from above

It is the longest wooden bridge in Vietnam - Photo: Internet

Ong Cop wooden bridge was put into use in early 1999 and has now been managed by many households. The planks of the bridge are made from casuarina tree and eucalyptus tree; the wall of the bridge is made of old bamboo. Bridges are only designed for use by motorcycles and pedestrians. There are piles of casuarina wood available at the foot of the bridge, so the broken planks will be repaired immediately.

With the rustic and charming beauty, this wooden bridge is not only a way for local people but also a destination for check-in of the young or photographers.

Ong Cop Bridge at dawn

The bridge is the way for not only locals but also tourists - Photo: Internet

Ong Cop Bridge is also a shortcut to famous landmarks in Phu Yen such as Ghenh Da Dia (about 8 km away), Mang Lang stone church (120 years old) or O Loan lagoon (Vietnamese national tourist spot).

On the head of the bridge to Xuan Dai ward, there is a hut managed by a household to take tolls across the bridge. Each visitor must pay 1,000 - 5,000 VND for tolls, depending on the number of people and goods, students are free of charge.

“Going on the  bridge is much more convenient than taking a detour or ferry so I'm willing to pay the fee. In the rainy season, the bridge is unusable, people go around very far, so everyone hopes the bridge will not be swept away by the flood” said a resident in Phu Yen.

A woman is riding bike across Ong Cop Bridge

It is the convenient way for the locals - Photo: Internet

Wandering on this wooden bridge, visitors can catch the images of the boat men rowing a net, children bathing in the river or hard women cycling across the bridge.

The entire view of the the longest wooden bridge

The entire view of the bridge from above - Photo: Internet

Visitors choose the time of sunrise or sunset to take wonderful pictures of the bridge. For photographers, the angle of view from above is more impressive with the image of the bridge stretching far away.

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