Myanmar - weather & travel conditions in August

Weather, climate, temperature in Myanmar in August

Not much different from the previous month, August still a wet and rainy month with the average temperature ranging from 24 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius.

Affected by the harsh monsoons, most beaches, especially in the southwest along Bangal ‘s Bay, are closed for safety reasons. In general, the weather is warm in the south, cool in the mountainous regions, and central plains to the north. The average precipitation of Yangon and Inle Lake is around 30 centimeters while in Mandalay and Bagan, it is only a half. The rain normally starts to decrease the amount by the end of August. 

Belgan Bay

In August, Belgan Bay and other beaches are close due to safety

Due to the weather, the risk of facing dengue fever is also higher, so if you plan to travel to Myanmar this month, do not forget to bring along a mosquito repellent spray to protect yourself at all times.


Yadana Gu Nat Festival

Held in Amarapura town in August or September annually, this meaningful spiritual 8-day festival attracts lots of leaders, monks, and individuals coming from different regions in Myanmar. The purpose of this important event is to showing respect and a great honor to the Burmese animist spirits (also known as “Nats”). Additionally, people prepare numerous food, flowers, clothes, money to the spirits.

How to do and what to expect if travel in Myanmar in August

The great places to explore in August are Bagan and Mandalay due to the lower amount of rainfall and quite dry weather in comparison with Inle Lake and Yangon. In those cities, rain often happens in the morning and it does not last for a long time in a day. Kindly note that most sightseeing places here are outdoor, so it would be better if you bring along an umbrella or a light raincoat before leaving the accommodation.

The enchanting Inle Lake seems to be in the most beautiful appearance with pristine clear water, majestic foggy mountains, and lush greenery. Although it still has chances of storms, it has a unique attractiveness that many tourists find charming such as stay on a bungalow overlooking the lake, watch the rain in the early morning, sit on a long-tailed boat to explore the floating markets. If you wish to travel by car, make sure you check the road conditions before starting.

The southern region of the country including Yangon and the beaches, are not ideal destinations to visit in August. The streets are easily get flooded because of heavy rain and most resorts are closed. Golden Rock is among thick foggy and it is even not visible during daytime.

In Bagan, the rain seems to be heavier in the afternoon so you should expect to spend time outdoors in the morning to avoid getting wet.

August is a good time to conquer Mandalay Hill which offers a spectacular viewpoint of the lovely city of Mandalay. As the steps leading to the top are covered so you can pay a visit to this site any time in a day. Be careful when setting foot on the lasts steps toward the top as it is wet and slippery when it rains heavily.

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