Vietnamese banh cuon among top 10 meals of the world in 2023

10 March 2023

Banh cuon, a Vietnamese specialty, has made it to the list of "Top 10 meals around the world in 2023: The dishes we can't wait to eat" by

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This recognition is significant because it is not Pho or Banh Mi, which are widely known around the world, but rather banh cuon, a lesser-known delicacy.

Ben Groundwater, a staff writer from the travel magazine, raves about the Vietnamese cuisine, calling it "just incredible." He loves everything from noodle soups to grilled meats to herby salads to turmeric-heavy pancakes, but he is particularly excited to explore banh cuon in 2023.

banh cuon vietnam

Banh cuon is a savory and filling breakfast dish that many Vietnamese enjoy, especially those who live in big cities like Hanoi. It is made from everyday ingredients such as rice, oil, and onions, but the combination of these elements creates a unique flavor that attracts many diners.

There are several variants of banh cuon, such as the hot stuffed rice crepe, which is stuffed with minced wood ear mushrooms and pork, served hot with grilled pork, Vietnamese ham, and sweet-and-sour dipping sauce. It is also usually topped with crispy fried shallots and served with fresh herbs like mint and coriander.

Another variant is the Thanh Tri steamed rice crepe from Hanoi's Thanh Tri District, which is not rolled but kept in sheets without any filling and sprinkled with green onions. Each thin layer of crepe is peeled out and placed on a plate, which is then arranged on a small bamboo mantle with herbs and a bowl of sweet-and-sour sauce. The banh cuon Thanh Tri is eaten with Vietnamese cha que, a Vietnamese ham with cinnamon flavor.

The banh cuon Cao Bang, a steamed rice crepe from Cao Bang Province, is the latest version of Vietnamese steamed rice crepe. This specialty of the Tay ethnic minority group is totally different from other types of banh cuon and is eaten with minced pork paste, fried meat roll, steamed egg, and spicy salted bamboo shoots that can be found only in the mountainous areas of Vietnam.

banh cuon cao bang vietnam's list also includes other world delicacies such as Grilled turbot of Spain, Oklahoma smash burger (United States), Moke Negro (Mexico), Short eats (Mexico), Sushi (Japan), Ragu Napoletano (Italy), Sarawak Laksa (Malaysia), Duck sausage (Australia) and Tahdig (Iran).

In conclusion, banh cuon has won the hearts of many foreign travelers, earning a place on the list of "Top 10 meals around the world in 2023: The dishes we can't wait to eat" by This recognition is significant because it highlights the unique and delicious flavors of Vietnamese cuisine and promotes lesser-known delicacies like banh cuon to the world.

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