A Hanoian's breakfast

by TAA on January 8, 2022

Hanoi, well-known not only for being the capital of Vietnam, but also for its amazing sightseeing spots, such as Hoan Kiem lake, the Old Quarter, lots of acient temples which maintain their spirit of the times in every single corner,… If it’s your 1st time coming there, here is some tips for you to spend your very first day.

Have a Hanoians’ breakfast.

After a night recovering from your flight, it’s time to fill your stomach.

Maybe there’s not a sumptuous breakfast at Tiffany’s, as Hanoians usually have a frugal meal to start a day. If you walk around the Old Quarter, you can easily find a lot of places for local breakfast. Just take a sit and you can enjoy the taste of Hanoi and a peaceful morning at the same time.

The first highly recommended food is Banh Mi, which seems to be the most popular Vietnamese street food, since it’s praised by both local people and foreigners. Not a picky food, Banh mi is a convenient, easy-to-find, take-away one.

Banh mi Vietnam with bacon, cucumber and herbs

With diverse and fusion ingredients(ham, pate, egg,marinated,...), Banh mi can get many kind of taste, so you can try one by one and find your beloved. If you prefer rich flavor, ask the maker to add more sauce. It’s the most important part of recipe. Different restaurant have their own way to make sauce- way to make their unique.

A small tip for you: If you don’t like coriander, “Không rau mùi” may be the first Vietnamese sentence you learn.

Wanna have something more Vietnamese? Pho maybe your best choice.

There’s no doubt about how famous Pho is. Having its origin in Hanoi, Pho has become popular all over the country for more than half a century. And for foreigners who want to discovery Vietnamese culture, it may be their early stage.

Think about a full big bowl with flat white noodle, served with hot savory broth, some juicy slices of beef, seasoning with pepper and many types of herbs. What a great to satisfy your stomach! To have more brilliant taste, you can add some chilli sauce and lime juice (as your favor).

Vietnamese Pho with beef soup

If you want to find a good restaurant near your area to have Pho, you can ask your waiter. Some hotels serve it for breakfast too.

A cup of egg coffee

In many country, a cup of coffee in the morning is something must-have. Vietnameses don’t stay on the sidelines. But Hanoians have their peculiar - egg coffee.

Started as a substitute for the shortage of milk in Vietnam during 1940s, egg coffee has soon become popular with not only locals, but also foreigners and been a seductive part of Vietnamse coffee adventure for decades

After your breakfast, it seem to be the best time to enjoy a cup of egg coffee.

Dense Vietnamese coffee, with a sweet creamy soft egg yolk on top, served in hot or cold, may be weird to imagine, but could be an exciting experience for everyone to try. Taste it and your buds will dance with full of joy. There can also be your start point to come closer to the stories of Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

Hanoi egg coffee

Creamy and sweet. You’ll never forget it!


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