10 great experiences make “wonderful Thailand”

by TAA on December 25, 2019

Thailand lies in the heart of Southeast Asia, making it the gateway to Indochina, Myanmar and Southern China. Thailand draws more visitors than any other country in Southeast Asia with its irresistible combination of breathtaking natural beauty, inspiring temples, renowned hospitality, robust cuisine and ruins of fabulous ancient kingdoms.

From the modern cities odyssey in Thailand active tours to exploring the temple at the bottom of the cave in the off-the-beaten-track journey, Thailand has many wonderful destinations to attract tourists.

mountain on Thailand sea

Discover the mountains on the sea: The towering rocks on the blue sea of Phuket make majestic and impressive scenery. Guests can rent canoes to explore the small islands, visit the "little gems" of Phang Nga Bay and record impressive moments. Photo: CNTraveler.

bridge across Kwai river

Visit the bridge on Kwai river: This is the famous bridge of the Burma railway line, built during World War II. Located in Kanchanaburi, near the border with Myanmar, in the bridge area, there is also the Railway Museum of Death with many artifacts and pictures of dead war prisoners when building bridges. Photo: Expedia.

Ayutthaya stupas

Back in time in the temples of Ayutthaya: Once the capital of the ancient Siam kingdom, Ayutthaya attracts visitors with beautiful temples, palaces and monuments. As the location right near Bangkok, this place is suitable for you to explore within a day. Photo: Backpacker Deals.

reclining golden Buddha statue

Calm down at Wat Pho Temple: As one of the most famous temples in Bangkok, Wat Pho was built in the 16th century and recognized by UNESCO as the World Heritage. Millions of tourists come here to see the golden inlaid Buddha. Photo: Alealetours.

flying lanterns in Thailand light festival

Sky lantern festival: Yi Peng festival is usually held on the full moon day of December in Thai calendar. You can go to Sukhothai, the origin of this tradition and also one of the most famous festival organization places. In five nights, locals and tourists will launch sky lanterns, watch fireworks and folk art performances. Photo: Odyssey.

temple inside the cave

Cave exploration: Located in eastern Thailand, Samroiyod National Park is the first marine park of this country. Beyond the rich flora and fauna, Samroiyod is also famous for its huge caves for visitors to explore. The best impression is Phraya Nakhon cave in Hua Hin. In the bottom of the cave, there is a temple built for the king in the 19th century. Photo: Bangkokpost.

Bangkok panorama night view

Dinner on the terrace: Only eating in Bangkok is a great experience, but enjoying the delicious food on the rooftop while seeing the city by night will give you an unforgettable impression. Bangkok has many restaurants and bars on the top, such as Sirocco, Red Sky and Vertigo. Photo: Tripgether.

six elephants

See the wildlife: Elephant sanctuaries are scattered throughout Thailand, of which the elephant park in Chiang Mai is one of the most famous. This is the place to rescue and take care of elephants. Visitors are welcome to watch them bathe in the river and interact with this wonderful animal. Photo: Suma Lifestyle.

Bangkok floating market

Discover floating markets: As one of Thailand's oldest floating markets, Amphawa market brings visitors a memorable experience. The boatman introduces guests with the style like their ancestors hundreds of years ago, with plenty of local products and delicacies for visitors. Photo: Klook.

a tuk tuk

Take a tuk tuk ride: A trip to Thailand will not be complete without a tuk tuk experience. You can catch a tuk tuk to visit the night markets or streets of Bangkok. Photo: Klook.

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